All the Warhammer Announcements at Las Vegas Open 2023

Over the weekend, Games Workshop held their Las Vegas Open 2023. During the event, the company previewed products and sets coming to their tabletop games. Here is everything they announced.

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Promo artwork of The Wrath of the Soul Forge King Box from the Las Vegas Open 2023 Preview

Over the weekend, one of the largest independent Warhammer events of the year, the Las Vegas Open, was held. In addition to the event holding multiple tournaments for Games Workshop's various tabletop miniatures games, attendees got a preview of new miniatures coming to these games. Here is everything that was announced during the Las Vegas Open 2023.

Image of a new Dreadnought from the Las Vegas Open 2023 preview
Load up, we have heretics to destroy.

Las Vegas Open 2023 - Warhammer 40k

First, fans of the Space Marines got a glimpse at some new firepower with the Strike Force Agastus box. It contains two new heavily armed Space Marines kits as well as a customizable Primaris Lieutenant and five Heavy Intercessors. These kits can be used by any Space Marine chapter. But the biggest draw has to be the new Brutalist Dreadnought, a walking instrument of death with both long-range artillery and close-quarter destruction. For those that lean towards Chaos, the new Wrath of the Soul Forge King battlebox will have you covered. The box will feature Vashtorr and his army of cultists as they assault the Rock, home of the Dark Angels. The box will contain Vashtorr, 10 Cultists, two Obliterators, and a Venomcrawler. As for the Dark Angels, the battlebox will contain the Supreme Grand Master Azrael along with 5 Deathwing Terminators, 10 Space Marine Intercessors, and two Dark Angels Primaris Upgrade sprues.

Fans of Warhammer 40k spinoffs also got a glimpse of things to come. A single vehicle was shown off for Horus Heresy: The Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer. It is a tank that is really good at destroying other tanks. As for how well it fares against an ascended Horus, that will have to be seen on the battlefield. For those that enjoy the skirmishes of Kill Teams, the tale of Gallowdark with the Soulshackle box. The box will feature the Imperial lawbringers known as the Adeptus Arbites and the savage Hand of the Archon Drukhari. The box will feature these miniatures, a new mission book, as well as new terrain.

Artwork of a Slann Starmaster from the Las Vegas Open 2023
Don't insult him, he has magic.

Las Vegas Open 2023 - Age of Sigmar

The mortal realms of Age of Sigmar also received some updates during the Las Vegas Open 2023 preview. The Seraphon, the lizardfolk champions of Order, got several new units. These include the mystically mighty Slann Starmasters, new mounted Raptadon Hunter and Charger units, and coldblooded Saurus Warriors. Furthermore, a new battletome for this army will be coming this Summer. As for fans of smaller battles, Warcry: Blood Hunt might peak their interest. The box brings an undead twist to the current Heart of Ghur season with the Askurgan Trueblades and the Claws of Karanak. The Trueblades are a group of vampire warrior monks who are driven to feast on the primal energy of wild beasts to slake their thirst. As for the Claws of Karanak, they are mortals that have begun worshiping the flesh hounds of Khorne, forgoing their humanity in favor of primal ferocity.

Finally, Warhammer Underworlds Gnarlwood introduces a new warband: Gryselle's Arenai. These followers of Khaine are led by Gryselle The Slaughterer, a warrior priest who preaches the power of bloodshed. Because of this, the warband is very aggressive with Objective cards rewarding you for relentlessly charging.

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