Horus Heresy Teaser Reveals Horus Ascended Miniature

Published: December 29, 2022 2:03 PM /


A close up the Horus Ascended model from the Warhammer Horus Heresy teaser trailer

Games Workshop is continuing their tabletop previews for 2023. They've already outlined their roadmap for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar during the holiday season, and are bringing back some older Space Marine models for fans and collectors alike. But the latest Horus Heresy teaser takes the grimdark sci-fi setting of Warhammer 40k back ten thousand years to one of its darkest eras, and it marks the debut of one of its deadliest warriors: A fully ascended version of Horus himself.

Official artwork of Horus Ascended from the Warhammer Horus Heresy Teaser
It is named after him, so he must be terrifying.

The 2023 Horus Heresy teaser

Games Workshop's latest Horus Heresy teaser was through a Warhammer Community post. The post showed off several new models coming to the spin-off miniature game. There was artwork of a new Typhon Heavy Siege Tank as well as several others hidden in shadow. Some details can be gleamed from these miniatures outlines. One of the models, a Space Marine, appears to be holding a staff, which implies a mystical unit. Another one of the models appears to be another Space Marine riding a motorcycle wielding a chainsword. It isn't a completely new unit, the White Scars chapter have been using such cycles for a while, but it is different seeing them appear in the Age of Darkness.

But the biggest draw of the Horus Heresy teaser by far is Horus Ascended. Horus has appeared in the game before, specifically back in his prime as a loyal Warmaster Primarch fighting on behalf of the Imperium. But this new model shows Horus at the peak of his heresy, fully turned against the God Emperor and empowered by Chaos. Just to further reinforce how deadly he is, the new Horus Ascended model even has this terrifying warrior standing on piles of bones and discarded armor of dead Space Marines.

Finally, the Horus Heresy teaser also announced new novels being published by Black Library. The first of these books, The End and The Death, will depict the events of the climax of the Horus Heresy as well as mark the end of the Siege of Terra series. The End and the Death is set to release some time in 2023.

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