Cloudbreaker Alliance Kickstarter Project Now Live

Published: August 1, 2023 3:46 PM /


A group photo of several characters in an anime artstyle. The group includes a blonde man with a lute and sword, a brown-skinned wizard, a petite girl with long pink hair in a dress, a tall muscular female orc with a scar on her face, and an elf with red eyes.

A new TTRPG Kickstarter campaign has gone live. But this one isn't a D&D 5e supplement like Obojima, nor is it a new VTT platform like Alchemy RPG.

It is a new indie project called Cloudbreaker Alliance, and it is a passion project by a certain TTRPG YouTuber.

The Cloudbreaker Alliance Kickstarter

According to the Kickstarter page, Cloudbreaker Alliance is a TTRPG heavily inspired by both Eastern and Western media. Inspirations cited include Star Trek and Final Fantasy.

The game is set in a counter-apocalyptic fantasy world. It is set in the aftermath of a mysterious event known as the Cloudfall. This event has led to the appearance of monsters, as well as the discovery of four new nations.

Now with these mysterious clouds lifted, the question remains who will these civilizations ally with to combat this monster threat?

Cloudbreaker Alliance uses its own proprietary TTRPG system. Conflicts are resolved with two six-sided dice. The system prioritizes problem-solving over pure combat. It features extensive Lifeform, Character Quirk, and Discipline/Class options.

It even allows you to utilize the power of friendship with a resource called Spirit Tokens.

Concept artwork from Cloudbreaker Alliance, featuring two small orks in a vaguely 1920s automobile driving down a market street.
A nation that developed guns and cars independently? Sign me up.

As for worldbuilding, Cloudbreaker Alliance distinguishes itself from other fantasy TTRPGs when it comes to world governments. Instead of standard absolute monarchies, the nations in this world are inspired by less common models.

Models cited include the Kongsi Republic, the consensus-based Polder Model, and the Steppe Confederacy. These systems of government can potentially lead to more interesting scenarios regarding global politics, and ongoing negotiations.

The various mechanics and systems will be broken down in official tutorial videos. These will be uploaded by the project's lead, CJ Leung, who is most well-known for his TTRPG YouTube channel Don't Stop Thinking.

Additional TTRPG talent working on Cloudbreaker Alliance includes a few familiar names. These include Daniel Kwan (Anansi's Tapestry of Lives), Aaron Lim (Spectres of Brocken), and Safia Aldulaijan

The current Kickstarter tiers for Cloudbreaker Alliance are as follows:

  • Core Rulebook (Digital) for $26: Get a PDF of the core rulebook and all stretch goal rewards
  • Core Rulebook (Digital +Ex) for $37: Everything above, plus digital tokens for NPCs and Monsters, as well as downloadable exclusive videos
  • Core Rulebook (Physical + Digital + Ex) for $57: All digital rewards and a physical core rulebook
  • Heroes Edition (Physical + Digital + Ex) for $81: All digital rewards, a physical core rulebook signed by the author, and an acrylic stand and token set.

The Kickstarter campaign for Cloudbreaker Alliance concludes on September 1.


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