Alchemy RPG Kickstarter Funded 20 Times Over In One Day

A new Kickstarter campaign for the virtual tabletop program, Alchemy RPG, has gone live. And within its first day it has raised more than twenty times its funding goal.

Published: April 27, 2023 3:17 PM /


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When it comes to playing a tabletop RPG online, players resort to virtual tabletops. These applications handle everything from dice rolls to character sheets to various visual aids. Several have gotten very popular in recent years like the ubiquitous Roll20, as well as several competitors like Foundry and Demiplane. Now, the Kickstarter campaign for another VTT app, Alchemy RPG, has gone live. And within a day it has earned more than twenty times its funding goal.

The Alchemy RPG Kickstarter

According to the Alchemy RPG Kickstarter page, this is a virtual tabletop app that focuses on cinematic presentation. It is meant to aid players and tables accustomed to playing theater of the mind, a form of roleplaying that emphasizes character interactions and social intrigue over tactical combat or complex dungeon delving. Games hosted on the VTT are scene-based and provide Game Mastera with ambient music, animated environments, particle effects, and more. In addition, Alchemy RPG has already partnered with several tabletop developers to host content and material for their games on the app. Alchemy has first-party support for 12 different game systems which include Renegade's Vampire The Masquerade, Paizo's Pathfinder, Hunter Entertainment's Kids on Bikes, and Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu. In addition, the app supports the work of over 50 smaller developers.

The intro screen for the RPG Dragonbane on the VTT Alchemy RPG
Well, this will definitely get players ready to play Dragonbane.

While the Alchemy RPG Kickstarter has recently gone live, the actual VTT app is available right now for free. This is because the application was in an early access beta for about a year. The Kickstarter is to mark the application finally reaching Version One. The application is web-based, and making a free account allows you to make three characters, create three games, and create a limited number of Universe entries (scene text, magic items, spells, NPCs, etc.). In addition, there is a premium subscription, Alchemy Unlimited, which lets you make as many characters, games, and entries as you wish for $8 a month.

However, if you wish to more directly support Alchemy RPG, there are several backer tiers and stretch goals to choose from. The incentives include discounted access to various assets in the VTT as well as physical Content Decks. There will be five decks in total, broken up into five different genres (Fantasy, Horror, Urban, Future, and Dystopia) which will be shipped to backers. These cards will contain artwork of various supported TTRPGs as well as a QR code to redeem that TTRPG's assets on the platform.  Those tiers are as follows:

  • Backer Account for $25: Gain a special bespoke Alchemy Backer Account. This account will feature your Backer Number, and provide discounts on all future purchases on Alchemy. In addition, gain six months of Alchemy Unlimited.
  • Content Deck for $50: A Backer Account, six months of Alchemy Unlimited, plus your choice of one of four Content Decks.
  • Content Deck Bundle for $125: A Backer Account, six months of Alchemy Unlimited, plus your choice of three Content Decks.
  • Backer Box for $200: A Backer Account, all four Content Decks, plus the backer-exclusive Dystopia Content Deck, and one year of Alchemy Unlimited.
  • Lifetime Unlimited for $500: The Backer Box, a Backer Account, and a lifetime subscription to Alchemy Unlimited.

According to its official Twitter account, the Alchemy RPG Kickstarter campaign raised more than 2100% of its goal of $10,000 at launch. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $293,880, almost reaching thirty times its funding goal.

The Alchemy RPG Kickstarter campaign will conclude May 25, 2023.

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