The Undercity Interview and Demo - GenCon 2015

Published: August 11, 2015 1:00 PM /


The Undercity Cover Art

Back in February Privateer Press announced that they were working on a fully cooperative, campaign driven game set in the Iron Kingdoms universe entitled The Undercity. The wait for the game is nearly over, and TechRaptor got the chance to sit down with The Undercity's lead designer and developer, Will 'Oz' Schoonover at GenCon 2015 and talk about the game, how it fits into the Iron Kingdoms universe and the connections that the game has to the Iron Kingdoms RPG. In the videos below Oz talks to us about The Undercity and runs us through a gameplay demo to talk about and show off the various aspects of gameplay that players can expect to see once the game hits store shelves. Oz also explains Privateer Press' desire to use the game as a starting point to get players interested in their Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Games.

The Undercity - Interview

Players familiar with the Iron Kingdoms RPG's will be able to use the miniatures from the box for their RPG sessions and will notice many familiar rules in The Undercity while players brand new to the Iron Kingdoms setting should find the transition from the board game to the full RPG fairly easy if they wish to pursue RPG play after playing The Undercity. The Undercity is a campaign based game for 1-4 players in which each player plays as a member of The Black River Irregulars in a story that takes place over 7 chapters. Player's characters will grow and become more powerful as the campaign proceeds and will face tougher challenges as they progress further through the story. Each of the game's story chapters will take players roughly 1.5 to 2 hours to complete so players can look forward to close to 14 hours of active gameplay for each run through of The Undercity's campaign.

Players wanting to get their hands on The Undercity should expect to see it on store shelves as of August 12 2015. Players that want to get their hands on the rulebook ahead of the release date can find it here.


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