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Factorio Expansion development update cover

The Factorio expansion is still in the works and Wube Software has some new details to share about the new content that is coming to its base

The Factorio logo against a factory in the game

A Factorio expansion pack is coming sometime next year. The devs have already started working on it and have ruled out free updates or a sequel.


Factorio Update 1.1 has added the ability to flip blueprints and more, as well as eradicating all known bugs

Factorio Key Art

Build and maintain your own factory empire in Factorio, from indie developer Wube Software LTD.  Mine resources, research technologies, and build a

The promo image for Factorio's 1.0 release

Factorio is getting an earlier release than previously planned.

G2A Factorio dispute cover

In July of last year, grey market game key reseller G2A posted an interesting deal: they would offer up to 10x the cashback on any chargebacks to the

Factorio 1.0 release date trains logo

The Factorio 1.0 release date has finally been announced by the developers.

Factorio Lots Of Cables And Whatnot

The developers of Factorio have announced that they have sold over 1 million copies of their factory-building game

Factorio 1.0 release date trains logo

Factorio, a game about creating a factory that can efficiently run itself, has been in development since May 2012.