Factorio Update 1.1 Lets You Flip Blue Prints and Lots More

January 29, 2021 12:29 PM

By: Patrick Perrault


Factorio is one of the few games that have earned its outstanding reputation, and this patch only seems to have confirmed it, launching with 0 known issues and active bug reports remaining. There's also a whole bunch of new additions added to the latest patch, so strap yourself in.

What Was Added in the Latest Patch?

After years of pestering the developers, it took a developer wanting the feature to be added to the game. Which feature? Blueprint flipping, of course. Originally, the reason was that not everything should be able to flip, such as oil recipes, rail signals, pumpjacks, and more. In fact, "due to these asymmetries, if you flipped a blueprint with these entities, the result would be non-functional in the best case, and cause complete chaos in others." 




Sounds like a big deal. How did they fix the problem? By disallowing flipping blueprints that wouldn't flip properly, allowing blueprints that would flip properly flip. Say that three times fast.

Another feature added to the game includes different ways to control Spiders, which include Spider waypoints (which queues move commands) and Spider follow (which allows the Spiders to follow other entities). Smart belt building is also in the game, which fixes a bug "related to rotating the belt while building" which definitely sounds pretty handy. This also includes an automatic underground belt traversal, which means if you are building over walls it accommodates for that now. 



There's also a new Train Overview GUI that has been added to Factorio. Originally it was fairly simple, only having a list of trains where players could see the schedule that they could search through. They could also click a button to open the Train if they wanted to get their choo choo on, but other than that that was all they could do. With the new GUI, it includes two tabs: the Trains tab, which is a list of Trains that are categorized by their schedule, and the Stations tab, which is a list of Train stops categories by their name.

If you would like to read the patch notes in full, be sure to check out the blog post here. For more information on Factorio, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.


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