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Rust world revamp May 2021 cover

Rust World Revamp Update Overhauls the Map

The Rust World Revamp Update has arrived, bringing big changes and performance improvements to this long-running survival crafting game.
Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah release date Early Access cover

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah Release Date Finally Revealed

The Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah release date has finally been locked in for PC and consoles; you'll be able to enjoy this new content in late May 2021!
The Division mobile game Heartland Netflix cover

The Division Mobile Game, Heartland Spin-Off, and More Are Coming

The Division mobile game, a Netflix movie, and a new spin-off game titled The Division Heartland are all in production according to news from Ubisoft.
Imagine Earth

After 7 Years on Steam's Early Access, Imagine Earth is Finally Releasing on Steam and on Xbox One

Imagine Earth is a sci-fi strategy simulator that focuses on the conflict between economic growth and environmental destruction.

PC Gaming Features

This Week in Valheim 05-08-21 cover

This Week in Valheim: Massive Mountains and Happy Bees

This week in Valheim, we check out some pretty big player builds, a cool new mod that adds a drawbridge, a shout-out to the happiest bees, and so much more!
Google Stadia's logo next to the Stadia controller

The Steady Decline of Google Stadia

It's been over a year after Stadia's launch, and the platform's had a wild ride.
Chris Resident Evil REmake Shotgun

Resident Evil Timeline: Chris Redfield's Journey to Village

Chris Redfield's had a long and arduous journey since his humble beginnings that fateful July evening. What's he been doing in the canon, anyway?
Size matters!

Itching to Play: Sizeable

Sometimes we wanna feel smart but we don't want to exert ourselves or stress out. Here comes Sizeable, a relaxing and pleasant puzzle game to go through when you need a break or simple escape.

Latest PC Gaming Reviews

Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods

Immortals Fenyx Rising: The Lost Gods Review

The Lost Gods is, by far, the most adventurous DLC and the most fascinating to play but it’s still bogged down in the same mistakes made before it. This is absolutely the DLC you should play but it's still not as fun as the base game.
Nice cover art, right?

TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight Review

There aren't that many adventure games that are both relaxing or engaging. TASOMACHI tries to hit these notes by being about fixing an airship by exploring various ghost towns, but misses each one. However, it may work as an effective sedative.
Insurmountable Key

Insurmountable Review

Insurmountable is definitely a hidden gem of a game, one that provides the right mix of challenge and fun for the player’s delight. It is easily a mountain I would keep climbing, and that is as high of a recommendation you can give for anyone looking for something new to play. 
On the road again.

Hitchhiker Review

There things that constantly make us question reality. Whether they're glitches in the coding or interruptive dreams, we try to discover the meaning behind them. In the Hitchhiker, the protagonist is trying to do exactly that.