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Whisker Squadron reveal cover

Whisker Squadron is Star Fox with Cats, Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Race The Sun developer Flippify has revealed its second title: Whisker Squadron, a game in the style of Star Fox with so
Infantry Online community Daybreak Game Company cover

Infantry Online Community Asks Daybreak For Help in Keeping a Classic Alive

Just before the turn of the century, Sony released a game called Infantry Online for the PC.
A car races around a track in Trackmania

Trackmania In-Game Advertising from Anzu.io Is Coming

Ubisoft has partnered with gaming advertising firm Anzu.io to bring blended in-game ads to racing game Trackmani
Honey, I Joined a Cult

You Can Join a Cult in Honey, I Joined a Cult in 2021

Developer Sole Survivor Games (which is ironic considering the game that they are developing), and publisher Team17 Digital Ltd.
The Thank You image posted by the Fall Guys devs for hitting 1.5 million players

Fall Guys Hits 1.5 Million Players In First 24 Hours

Battle royale party game Fall Guys hit 1.5 million players during its first 24 hours of release.
Overwatch Summer Games 2020 skins cover

Overwatch Summer Games 2020 Skins Heat Up August

The Overwatch Summer Games 2020 skins have been revealed with the return of this yea
Marvel's Avengers PS4 exclusives cover

Marvel’s Avengers PS4 Players Get Exclusive Cosmetics and Perks

Marvel’s Avengers PS4 players aren’t just going to get
TombStar reveal cover

TombStar is the Next Rootin' Tootin' Game from No More Robots

No More Robots has revealed their next publishing project: TombStar, a space Western-themed top-down shooter from the creator of Cross
Baldur's Gate 3 release date delayed cover

Baldur's Gate 3 Release Date Delayed Beyond August

CRPG fans will be sad to see the Baldur's Gate 3 release date delayed, but Lari
Fallout 76

Fallout 76's A Colossal Problem Event Has Been Delayed Once Again

Bethesda Game Studios is releasing their 21st update for Fallout 76 today, and for many on Reddit it represents more problems, as
A scene of chaos in Fall Guys

Fall Guys Servers Down After Over 120k Players

Bumbling battle royale game Fall Guys has launched to unexpected demand.
Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man PS4 cover

Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man Will Be a PS4 Exclusive

If you enjoyed playing Spider-Man on the PS4, there's good news — you'll soon
Valorant Deathmatch cover

VALORANT Deathmatch Arriving with Act 2

VALORANT Deathmatch will be making its debut in the next big update that's set to arriv
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice Announced

Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Dry Twice is the sequel to

Wargroove's DLC 'Double Trouble' is Launching August 4, Features Cross-Play

Wargroove, a turn-based strategy title that TechRaptor
Discord Communities cover

Discord Communities Launches As It Expands Outside of Gaming

New Discord Communities features have made their debut as the video and voice chat service expands beyond the realm of gaming where it got its star
Anthem loot changes WIP cover

Anthem Loot Changes Aims for 'No More Useless Items'

A number of planned Anthem loot changes have been explained in detail by BioWare, highlig
What onward used to look like.

Onward Just Received A Massive Downgrade

In what is definitely one of the more bizarre stories to come out recently, Onward<
An image of some chaotic combat in Battletoads

Battletoads Puts Up Its Dukes On August 20th

Dlala Studios' nostalgic beat-'em-up Battletoads is finally gearing up for release. The game will hit Xbox One and PC on August 20th.
Halo Infinite

[Updated] Xbox Online Multiplayer and Halo Infinite's Multiplayer May Be Going Free

Update: While there are still no more details on Microsoft's next generation plans for Xbox Live Gold, late yesterday
A patchwork motif of the Epic Games Store logo

Epic Games Store Mod Support And Achievements Now In Beta

Two new features are currently in beta over on the Epic Games Store. Mod support has been added, although currently only one game supports it.
Splinter Cell Netflix cover

Splinter Cell Netflix Series Reportedly in the Works

We've heard rumors of something new in the Splinter Cell universe being in the works and it looks like it's just been revealed: a Spli
Stardew Valley Collector's Edition cover

Stardew Valley Collector's Edition is Finally Coming in 2020

A Stardew Valley Collector's Edition is on the way and up for pre-order after lit
Twitch Prime August 2020 rewards cover

Twitch Prime August 2020 Rewards Features Over 20 Games

The Twitch Prime August 2020 rewards have been revealed and it contains a whole bunch of games this time around.
Lux, Kayn, and Ekko in League of Legends

League Of Legends Announces Then Cancels Saudi Arabia Esports Deal

Riot Games' popular MOBA League of Legends has cancelled a partnership it struck up with Saudi Arabia's NEOM smart city project.
VALORANT Killjoy reveal cover

VALORANT Killjoy Reveal Brings Bots to Riot's Shooter

The VALORANT Killjoy reveal has arrived, giving us our first look at the next agent com
New My Time At Portia side quests cover

New My Time At Portia Side Quests Arrive on PC

New My Time at Portia side quests have arrived in a content update on PC, addi
Unturned PS4 and Xbox One release cover

Unturned PS4 and Xbox One Release Coming Fall 2020

An Unturned PS4 and Xbox One release will be arriving later this fall, finally bringing one of PC's coolest survival sandbox games to cons