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The Sims 4 Summer of Sims cover

The Sims 4 'Summer of Sims' Heats Up the Season

The Sims 4 Summer of Sims promises to deliver a bunch of new content including a Game Pack, an Expansion Pack, a Virtual Block Party, and more.
No Man's Sky Expedition 2 Beachhead cover

No Man's Sky Expedition 2 'Beachhead' Starts Today

No Man's Sky Expedition 2 is titled "Beachhead" and it's launching today for all platforms — get ready for a new adventure (and new rewards, too)!
Genshin Impact 2FA debuts cover

Genshin Impact 2FA Debuts on PC and Mobile Today

Genshin Impact 2FA has finally debuted more than half a year after the game first launched on PC, PlayStation, and mobile devices.
WB Games ATT Discovery deal cover

WB Games May Get Split Up Due to AT&T/Discovery Deal

WB Games' 11 subsidiaries may get split up as part of a new deal that will see AT&T sell off its entire WarnerMedia division to Discovery.

PC Gaming Features

This Week in Valheim 5-15-21 cover

This Week in Valheim: Spirited Away, Big Boats, and Heavy Metal!

We're back with This Week in Valheim! Come check out a cool build from Spirited Away, some pretty cool mods, and more in this week's edition!
Essential Valheim Buildings cover

6 Essential Valheim Buildings Everyone Should Have

There are countless images of Valheim buildings out there in the world. Here are some that are essential to your survival.
Emil, a skeletal being looking up from a kneeling position to the hero.

Understanding NieR Replicant and Yoko Taro

After spending several weeks in NieR Replicant I had a recurring thought. Did any of these new additions matter? The answer? It's complicated.
Xbox Game Pass Kingdom Hearts Mass Effect 2 Best RPGs

The 5 Best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass

From Kingdom Hearts to Skyrim, Xbox Game Pass is host to a haven for some of the best RPGs in gaming. Here are a few you should check out if you haven't already.

Latest PC Gaming Reviews

Still standing...

Gloria Victis: Siege Survival Review

There are plenty of games that have you play as Vikings but not many that have you resist them. Gloria Victis: Siege Survival puts in the various shoes of civilians trapped in a castle under Viking siege. You must guide people and use resources tactfully to stay alive, support the defenders and pray that help arrives soon.
Hood Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Review

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is chaotic and exciting, with moments of genuine tension. But the limited gameplay struggles to match the strength of the concept.
Before We Leave World Header

Before We Leave Review

Before We Leave is a non-violent 4X strategy game that is perfect for newcomers, but its lack of challenge and overly simplified mechanics will leave genre veterans bored.
Druids Cover

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids Review

Wrath of the Druids is fun because it continues the inherently fun core gameplay loop of the base game, but I wish it had done a bit more to experiment.