This Week In Wargaming – August 9th, 2017

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Hello, TechRaptor readers! Here’s what you may have missed in the world of tabletop wargaming over the last week.

Games Workshop announced pre-orders for the first codexes of the newest edition of Warhammer 40K. Both the Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines are featured this release wave, marking the first of the ten codexes the company promised to release this year. The company spent this last week publishing articles on the Warhammer Community website focusing on each of the Traitor Legions and their traits in the new edition to give players a taste of what to expect not only from two of the game’s most iconic forces, but for the other armies in the game as well. The codexes have a scheduled release date of August 12th.


Raging Heroes wrapped up their War Stages Kickstarter over the weekend, bringing in an impressive $202,000 USD in just one week for their Gothic Cathedral terrain set. For anyone who missed the initial Kickstarter pledge drive, late pledges are still available. Add-ons are currently not available for late pledges per Kickstarter’s system, but they will be available once the pledge manager opens. As of this writing, no set date for the pledge manager has been set.

Corvus Belli has announced a change to Satellite tournaments for the upcoming ninth ITS season. The company will be choosing new player-run tournaments this year for their Satellite programs in an effort to give more Infinity players a shot at attending the annual Interplanetario championship next year. The chosen Satellite tournaments will be spread out throughout the year to avoid any potential overlaps. A complete rundown on the changes is available on the Infinity website.

Spartan Games has announced the upcoming release of Firestorm: Strike Force, a hex-based card-driven board game set in the Firestorm: Armada universe focusing on fighter combat. The game will launch with six factions available out of the box, along with a fully expandable and modular design for both the rules and game area itself. Firestorm: Strike Force is set to launch next month; pre-orders are currently available from Spartan Games.

Firestorm Strike Force

And finally, Warlord Games has announced new releases for the Australian army is now available for Bolt Action. This release wave contains a variety of infantry options from flamethrowers to jungle fighters to militias, along with plenty of mortar and machine gun options as well. A new campaign book focusing on the New Guinea campaign is also available, either separately or as an Australian army bundle directly from the Warlord Games web store.


What news snippets caught your attention? What are you saving your pennies for? Any games you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments below!

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