EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

The EWin Champion Series boasts an easy build for a great quality chair with a bevy of customization features, most importantly... it's really comfortable

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Gaming chairs, assuming you’ve glanced at any Twitch or YouTube gaming content, chances are you’ve seen your favorite content creator sporting one of these chairs. Having seen them in use before I had certainly thought they looked comfortable but surely they were just as good as any other office chair I’d used before. After using the Ewin Champion Series Gaming Chair for three weeks, it turns out I was sorely mistaken, and I owe some people apologies.

The Build Itself

The Ewin Champion Series chair will arrive at your door in a monumental box. Having built a few office chairs in the past, the build for the Ewin Champion Series chair was definitely the easiest - this is in part to it coming in an almost pre-assembled state. It doesn’t go as far as having the whole chair ready to wheel out in one, but what you’ll be pulling out of the box is the completely put together back, pillows pre-attached, the seat complete with mechanisms and arms attached, and then the feet. Of course, all requires screws, extra washers, and a few differently sized allen wrenches were also included.

EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair The Build
They've even added gloves!

The instructions included were extremely clear, but having seen what a chair looks like before it was more straightforward than LEGO putting together the chair. Working on it solo it took about 30 minutes to get together. The arms, already attached, are pre-set to their widest configuration, but if you find that they’re too wide apart a quick loosening with an alan wrench will allow you to easily draw them into a more comfortable fit. It's designed to hold up to 400lbs so there's plenty of customization in how it sits. 

I want to give a special mention to the wheels of the Ewin chairs, while not as smooth to roll on as the kinds of “roller-blade” wheels that you can get for desk chairs they still have a fantastic glide and are safe on wood floors.

EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Wheels
Color matches wheels glide across wood floors without leaving scuff marks

EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Features

The Ewin Champion Series chair has a full racing chair structure complete with sliding pillows for lumbar and neck support all made of high-density foam. The foam on the chair obviously isn’t as breathable as a mesh chair would be so if you’ve got an office that tends to heat up or tend to run hot yourself it might be something to take into consideration but the foam also has some excellent advantages over the mesh.

The racing form of the chair makes it feel like it’s really holding you in place. It feels great to sit in, the pillows for lumbar and neck support can be easily slid to a more comfortable position and for the most part, will hold their place for repeat sessions. As a 6”2’ human being, it’s sometimes been harder to find chairs that really fit my form, but with so much customizability in the Ewin Champion Series chair, it’s been a great experience.

Adding to the customization of the pillows and armrests you can raise and lower the seat, but also change the seat to tilt forward. Trying to adjust my posture to sit more upright keeping my knees at right angles as I sit, or even tilting slightly down towards the floor has given me a far more natural posture. Be careful the first time you sit on the chair though as the tilt will come unlocked, it definitely feels strange to sit down and have a chair almost dump you off it forward if you’re not expecting it.

EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Recline
Someone's gonna want to use it like this... right?

Pairing well with the ability to tilt the seat forward is the EWin’s ability to recline. Of course, you don’t want to tilt forward to mean you’re now getting smushed into your desk so you can tilt the back away for a more natural shape. The back does recline to a somewhat ridiculous 155 degrees, If you’re someone who really needs a practically lie flat gaming chair then this might be one of the only chairs that work for you, anyone else who enjoys a good chair lean will be happy with what the EWin Champion Series chair provides.

Extended sessions

The most important part though is how does the EWin Champion Series Chair test against long-form sessions as your PC? Being someone who already spends a lot of time at their computer, and ‘Work From Home’ still in play I routinely put in 10+ hours at my desk daily. The ability to alter so much about the chair was a fantastic revelation. In the past, after sitting a certain way and becoming uncomfortable I’d shift my posture that would normally help relax one part of my back to the detriment of another muscle. I found myself consciously shifting the angle of the seat, altering pillow positions, and reclining the back to varying degrees. At no point was a shifted to the side, or held myself tense in a different way, I had just adjusted the chair's positioning to what felt most comfortable and could go back to relaxing in it.

EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair Review | The Verdict

I was definitely someone who always looked at these kinds of “gamer chairs” as looking too flashy, or fashion over form but after spending even a month in the EWin Champion Series chair I’m a changed man. The extra support that the chair offers and the increased flexibility always mean that you can fit the chair to what is comfortable to YOU as opposed to trying to make yourself comfortable in the chair. For a chair that you might use for weekend gaming sessions or use as your primary workday chair, it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Review Summary

The EWin Champion Series Gaming Chair offers a wide variety of customization options allowing for proper support of your neck and back allowing you to settle in for long gaming sessions with no worry of discomfort. (Review Policy)

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