Dust & Neon: Gunslinging Roguelite With a Heart of Gold

Published: September 12, 2022 10:00 AM /


Dust & Neon: A new roguelite shooter from Rogue Games

Players looking for their next roguelite that expertly combines fast-paced gunplay and rpg elements should definitely check out the new isometric shooter from Rogue Games: Dust & Neon. At PAX West 2022, we got to sit down with the Rogue Games team, headed up by co-founder and CEO Matt Casamassina. Our brief time with Dust & Neon revealed a game that was methodically designed to evoke vibes of every classic western while still bringing something wholly original to the table. Read more of our Dust & Neon preview from PAX West 2022 to learn our full thoughts!

Fight it out in Dust & Neon with enhanced gunplay


Dust & Neon Is Like a Retro-Inspired Sci-Fi

With a character that looks more at home in the Star Wars universe than a classic western, Dust & Neon pulls inspiration from different genres to create something that's truly its own. Isometric gameplay reveals beautifully detailed and colorful environments that are filled with nooks and crannies for you to explore. Players can go inside every building, and your mech-enhanced cowboy will automatically duck and cover behind the different objects laid out across each level.

While speaking with the Rogue Games team, they mentioned a core goal for each game they produce is that it runs well at 60 FPS, and the Dust & Neon framerate adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. Sprint through a speeding train or across a wrecked desert town to avoid being taken down by enemies, and with a quick tap of a button you can slide behind cover and begin shooting. Speaking of shooting, the gunplay in this game is some of the most satisfying I've seen.

Equip a sidearm and a rifle as your trusty companions to help you clear each level. There are countless gun combinations for you to play around with and find what works best, and little details like the need to press a button for each bullet you load into your revolver help make this game come alive. A pistol is perfect for 1-on-1 encounters or engaging enemies at close range, but if you're sniping from behind cover it's best to swap over to a long-range rifle. Your weapon spread and range will be indicated on screen, allowing you to quickly swap between different guns to find the right one for the job.

Dust & Neon shooting gameplay

Dust & Neon Preview: Final Thoughts

In Dust & Neon, death is only the beginning. This roguelite encourages you to tackle challenges again and again with permanent upgrades that help you get stronger with each run. Improve reload speed and unlock different skills to give you the competitive edge as you wage war against the outlaws of the wild west. When you feel outgunned, you can always take cover in a nearby building, but remember that enemies can follow you anywhere you go, making moments of respite few and far between.

The TechRaptor team had a blast with our Dust & Neon gameplay preview at PAX West 2022, and we eagerly look ahead to the Dust & Neon release date in 2023. If you love isometric shooters and roguelites, Dust & Neon is worth keeping an eye on.


TechRaptor's Dust & Neon preview was conducted on PC at a demo booth at PAX West 2022.

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