Which Kirby Powerup Is the Best, and Why Is It the Vending Machine?

Absorb a vending machine and Kirby's small, pink form will stretch into a large rectangular monstrosity, vomiting carbonated beverages at any enemy who dares get in the way.

Published: April 8, 2022 12:00 PM /


Kirby and the Forgotten Land Vending Mouth ability

Kirby and the Forgotten Land offers a multitude of powerups for you to collect, from frost and fire powers to Kirby becoming one with any number of inanimate objects. There are dozens of ways for Kirby to transform in his new Nintendo Switch Kirby adventure, but one powerup stands above the rest: Vending Mouth Kirby. Absorb a vending machine and Kirby's small, pink form will stretch into a large rectangular monstrosity, vomiting carbonated beverages at any enemy who dares get in the way. In a game where Kirby can become a car, a traffic cone, a weird ring mouth abomination, and so much more, Vending Mouth Kirby truly stands apart in both its hilarious design and its genuine usefulness through each level. My only complaint is not every level has vending machines, making this powerup not as readily available as some of the others you'll use through Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Weaponize Sugary Sodas for Destruction

Vending Mouth Kirby shooting cans

Growing up, kids are often told how bad sugary drinks can be for you. Sure, they may lead to diabetes, but where would Kirby be without blasting through shutters and taking down enemies with his carbonated cans of chaos? What was once bad for us is now a key ability, helping Kirby progress through different levels and even unlock some of the secrets along the way. Though your mobility isn't great as Vending Mouth Kirby, you make up for it by unleashing pure destruction every time you regurgitate a refreshment. Trade floating and dodging for becoming a pink rectangular tank, shooting down hordes of enemies left and right with every soda can. Plus, thanks to Kirby's ability to re-ingest cans he already spit out, you can keep the mayhem going for as long as you like. Or at least until you need to jump across a little bit of a gap.

Ever Wondered What a Sentient, Walking Vending Machine Looks Like?

Vending Mouth Kirby in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

I've never gotten my arm stuck in a vending machine, nor have I ever been crushed by one, but the idea of a sentient, mobile vending machine is something we should all fear. What happens when the tables turn and something that we've only ever taken from suddenly decides it wants something in return? That's the nightmare fuel behind Kirby's Vending Mouth ability. Though the machine itself might not come alive, Kirby's vending machine form certainly paints a horrifying picture of what a large, pink soda dispenser would look like as it hulks around this colorful and otherwise fairly joyful world.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has many abilities for Kirby to pick up, upgrade, and use again and again. That's a huge part of the charm of what makes Kirby, well, Kirby. But by adding in the inanimate objects that Kirby can fuse with, HAL has truly taken a step in the direction of Jurassic Park's Dr. Hammond. Too much time was spent thinking if they could, they never stopped to think if they should. But the Kirby and the Forgotten Land release date is behind us now, and the sales data proves just how anticipated this game is, unique Kirby abilities and all.

Hopefully, other players see the elegant beauty and brilliance in Vending Mouth Kirby as I do. But maybe you're more Car Mouth Kirby, and that's OK. I for one am grateful that we have a game with so many possibilities, even if the best option is clearly to inhale a fully stocked vending machine and go wild.

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