XCOM 2 Trailer Reveals New Strategic Features

Published: August 21, 2015 12:54 PM /


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A look at the Avenger, the flying, mobile headquarters that players will use in Xcom 2, was released recently to the public, and within it were numerous looks at new gameplay features that will be present in the strategic layer of the up and coming Xcom 2.


The ant farm set up from Enemy Unknown appears to have made a return, but the individual sections within the base have been granted some strategic depth that was previously lacking. Research has made a return, but with individual scientists being able to be assigned to specific projects to hasten completion, or possibly provide some other bonus. Other areas of the base also allow individual scientists or engineers to be assigned to specific tasks, such as lowering the time needed for weapon and item production, or increasing the rate at which Xcom soldiers recover from wounds.

Unlike in Enemy Unknown, Xcom 2 will allow the Commander to send a rookie for training to graduate into a pre-selected unit class. Individual units will also be able to customize their weapons to differentiate them from other units of their class - the trailer shows an example of a Ranger having the choice between having one free reload per mission, or a passive bonus to their aim as an early game decision.

Soldier visual customization has also received much more depth. Every unit has a far wider selection of options to make them look unique, ranging from tattoos, scars, props to wear on the head or face, armor and weapon patterns and colors, and even stances ranging from tense and twitchy to relaxed and carefree. The soldiers of Xcom will be as distinct or uniform as the Commander wishes.

The Hologlobe also makes a return, but in Xcom 2, the forces of Earth are the ones picking where to go, what targets to hit, and which countries to liberate first.

Xcom 2 is set to release sometime in November of this year.

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