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After 2K's teaser and then reveal of XCOM 2's expansion War of the Chosen at E3's PC Gaming Show, more details were shared via a press release.The new information includes further details on the new aliens and soldier classes headed to the expansion, as well as revealing that War of the Chosen will include the addition of community challenges with global leaderboards.

The E3 2017 conference trailer told us that the expansion will add three new human factions; Reapers, Skirmishers, and Templars, each with its own hero class, that the player can recruit. The press release goes further, informing us that this will also change the strategic layer of the game. Players will now have to manage relationships with the various factions while coordinating their activities from the Avenger. This isn't the only change to the strategy side of the game though, new enemy heroes The Chosen will be able to "invade the strategy layer and ravage XCOM’s global operations."

xcom2 chosen

Other new additions include more customization options for your soldiers, a new system will allow compatible soldiers to cultivate 'bonds' with their teammates, giving access to new abilities and perks. New map types are being added too, from underground tunnels and xenoformed wilderness, to abandoned cities devastated in the initial alien invasion. New alien types include the Spectre, the explosive ADVENT Purifier, and the psionic-powered ADVENT Priest.

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All the changes coming in the War of the Chosen seem to be aimed squarely at increasing the variety, and thus replayability, of XCOM 2's campaign and it goes even further with the addition of the SITREP system and community challenges. The SITREP system will dynamically add modifiers to the tactical layer, to ensure missions provide a unique challenge each time, though details on exactly how this will work were not provided. Community challenges will change regularly and will rank players on global leaderboards.

Matt Gorman, VP of 2K's Marketing team was keen to emphasize the replayability factor in the new expansion, and was quoted as saying,

XCOM 2 fans are going to love the all-new narrative and features, enhancing the XCOM experience and providing endless reasons to re-play through the campaign.
War of the Chosen will be the largest expansion for XCOM 2 to date, it was said during the E3 conference that it will be at least twice the size of the previous expansions; Alien Hunters and Shen's Last Gift. The expansion is set to release on August 29th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out 2k's official website for more information on XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen.

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Does War of the Chosen sound like the XCOM 2 expansion you've been waiting for? Can it live up to the standard set by the original XCOM's expansion Enemy Within? Give us your thoughts down in the comments!


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