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Metro Exodus 2

The World Premiere of Metro Exodus was revealed by 4A Games at the Xbox E3 conference. The scenery opened on a frozen wasteland before transitioning into the player walking through a tunnel in a first-person perspective. All of the hallmarks of a Metro game were there, including a vile mutant ambushing our hero and attacking him. A hasty escape was made up a ladder just in time as more mutants came at him from all directions.

A door was opened to the harsh outer world, closed just in time to keep one of the creatures from chasing him down. The scenery shifted to an idyllic but nonetheless ruined landscape with a distinct Russian flair (indicated by the domes of an Eastern Orthodox church). The character consulted a map and brought a compound crossbow to bear as he walked through a ruined village and growls of wildlife could be heard in the distance. The character then shot a dog, felled it, and recovered his bolt.

The dogs turn and fled before an absolutely enormous bear burst through the doors of a building and chased our hero down. Fleeing for his life, he managed to stop just short of falling off of a cliff. After firing a regular crossbow bolt, he switched to an explosive shot that nearly knocked his foe off the edge of the precipice. Taking a zipline to the other side, he just barely managed to avoid being run over by an above-ground train. Getting quickly to his feet, he joined hands with a woman who pulled him aboard the train, and we returned to the stage.

The game's official website is rounded out quite nicely, telling us a lot of the features we can be looking forward to. Once again, gamers will be taking on the role of Artyom. You'll board the Aurora, the train featured in the trailer which carries a group of survivors heading East in search of a better life away from the Moscow Metro. The levels will be big and non-linear with survival and crafting elements - indeed, this may be the open-world Metro game I had hoped for years ago.

Much like previous titles in the series, your decisions will affect the story to some degree. It appears that it may be a stronger element here, though - some of your companions on your journey may not survive the trip. Metro Exodus will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.

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