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February 2020 Top Steam Releases Include Metro Exodus, Besiege

March 20, 2020

By: Robert N. Adams


Metro Exodus and Besiege were among the February 2020 Top Steam Releases, marking out these titles as especially popular launches during the previous month. In total, 20 premium games and 5 free-to-play games claimed the best-seller crown.

Recently, Valve has been having a big to-do about the most popular games on its platform. Every month, they share a list of the most popular launches from the previous month, and this month's edition is out! Dominating the charts is an eclectic mix of games including fantastic first-person shooters like Metro Exodus, silly puzzle games like Besiege, and many more titles.


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What are the February 2020 Top Steam Releases?

Valve has released the list of the top games on Steam for last month. Just like previous months, the games are organized by their release date on the platform.


February 2020 Top Premium Games on Steam

  • ScourgeBringer
  • Stoneshard
  • Azur Lane Crosswave
  • Being a DIK - Season 1
  • Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem
  • Metro Exodus
  • Senren*Banka
  • Besiege
  • Blackwake
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer
  • Taur
  • Death and Taxes
  • Tank Mechanic Simulator
  • Dungeon Defenders: Awakened
  • Nax Gentlemen Sexy Business!
  • Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection
  • OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos

February 2020 Top Free-To-Play Games on Steam

  • Dota Underlords
  • RISK: Global Domination
  • I Wanna Maker
  • Moe Era
  • 绝望监牢 / 絶望プリズン

As always, Valve has put together a sale page that includes all of these games, although it's not yet live at the time of writing. You can see the individual store pages at the Steam announcement for this month's Top Games.

What do you think of the February 2020 Top Steam Games? Do you have a particular favorite in the bunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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