Wo Long Lies Of P Crossover Announced By Team Ninja

Published: June 19, 2023 8:14 AM /


Artwork for Lies of P and Wo Long side-by-side in the collaboration announcement

Team Ninja has revealed an upcoming Wo Long Lies of P crossover. It's not clear what format the crossover will take just yet, nor whether it'll be appearing in both Wo Long and Lies of P, but it looks like some form of collaborative content will be appearing in one or both of the games soon.

This announcement was made on the official Team Ninja website. In the announcement post, which also contains artwork featuring both games, Team Ninja says it will be "collaborating with" Lies of P, which is due to arrive on PC and consoles in September. The studio also bids fans to "stay tuned" for more info.

A giant puppet grabs the player character in Lies of P, which is crossing over with Wo Long soon
Lies of P is due out in September, and it could well have some Wo Long-themed content to commemorate its launch.

We don't yet know whether this collaboration will constitute Lies of P enemies, bosses, and items appearing in Wo Long, or whether it'll be the other way around (or, indeed, both). We'll likely have to wait a little while until Team Ninja releases more information before we know for sure.

What we do know is that this isn't Wo Long's first crossover event. Back in March, the Soulslike action RPG crossed over with multiplayer melee battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint, with a Lu Bu mask appearing in Naraka and two Naraka-themed outfits making their way to Wo Long. Will the Lies of P crossover be similar in scope? We'll have to see.

Lies of P is due for launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on September 19th. It's a dark fantasy action-RPG (read: Soulslike) inspired by Carlo Collodi's classic novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. You are one of the elusive Geppetto's puppets, and after you awake in a city ravaged by puppets gone haywire, you must find Geppetto and discover what happened to the city.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is also a Soulslike, but it's a decidedly less puppet-themed one, taking place instead just before the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. You play as a custom character who gets drawn into an intrigue that will involve lots of major Three Kingdoms characters, including Liu Bei, Sun Ce, and, yes, Lu Bu himself. It's available right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.


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