Vichy is in Vogue in Hearts of Iron IV's Next Expansion

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Paradox is bringing espionage and subterfuge to the forefront when Hearts of Iron IV's next expansion, La Resistance launches. Included in the new expansion (and free for all Hearts of Iron IV players) is a reworking of the resistance/partisan mechanics, as well as changes to battle plans and other quality of life improvements. Naturally, the standout feature of the paid portion is the new espionage system, as well as a reworking of focus trees for France/Vichy France, and changes to both sides of the Spanish civil war.

The full list of major features coming in La Resistance is as follows:

  • New focus trees for Free France and Vichy France, as well as the option to restore the French monarchy
  • New National Focuses for both Republican and Nationalist Spain, as well as new outcomes for the Spanish Civil War
  • New Intelligence Agencies where players can train spies, improve resistance to enemy espionage operations, engage in information warfare, and support rebellions in occupied territories
  • Collaboration governments are being reworked to support spy operations
  • Active decryption of enemy communications to gain short-term advantages in battles
  • Scout planes now provide active intelligence, while armored car battalions suppress local resistance

As reported in previews of La Resistance​​​​​, the new Intelligence Agencies can unlock story event chains that can dramatically change the course of history. By undertaking raids that can cripple your enemy's economy or research programs, smaller countries could pose more of a threat to the larger powers in Hearts of Iron IV. The La Resistance expansion comes on the back of the Man the Guns expansion, which released earlier this year. Man the Guns brought substantial changes to navies and introduced the US Congress, adding in more complexity to a grand strategy game that has seen piecemeal updates since its 2016 release.

Both La Resistance​​​​ and Man the Guns hope to bring more structural gameplay changes than the earlier expansions. While Man the Guns suffered from a mixed reception from fans, who found the naval changes confusing and unnecessary, even as the country changes were well received. We don't have a release date yet for La Résistance​​​​​​, but it could well be a while before it hits a wide release, if Man the Guns is any indication.

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