VALORANT Killjoy Reveal Brings Bots to Riot's Shooter

Published: July 29, 2020 1:28 PM /


VALORANT Killjoy reveal cover

The VALORANT Killjoy reveal has arrived, giving us our first look at the next agent coming to Riot Games' popular free-to-play shooter. If you like gadget-based fighters, then this new girl is an absolute treasure trove of devastating devices.

Check out the VALORANT Killjoy Reveal Trailer to see the new German genius girl in action:

As VALORANT is a free-to-play game, it's dependent on a constant flow of new updates as time goes on. Naturally, this includes new playable characters; Killjoy does look pretty cool from what we've seen thus far.

If you're keen on turret-based characters, Killjoy has a lot to offer — but what exactly do her abilities do for you?

Valorant Killjoy reveal slice

Killjoy VALORANT Abilities — What is Her Kit?

What are Killjoy's abilities? As this submission on the /r/VALORANT subreddit shows, our new girl is all about zone control.

  • Alarmbot - This adorable little drone keeps an eye out for enemies. Once it finds one, it chases after them and explodes, applying a Vulnerable status and making them easier to take down.
  • Turret - A deployable turret that (rather unsurprisingly) shoots at any enemies that come into range of its cone of fire.
  • Nanoswarm Grenade - A small grenade that goes invisible once it's deployed. It can do a fair amount of damage, but Killjoy has to activate it herself.
  • Lockdown (Ultimate) - Lockdown costs 7 Ultimate Points, but it can be a serious game-changer. Once deployed, it debuffs opponents over a wide area and prevents them from using weapons or skills. There is, however, a 13-second warning that allows enemies to escape and the Lockdown device can be destroyed; it only has 150 hitpoints.

As best as we can tell, pretty much all of Killjoy's abilities are based on devices that can be detected and destroyed by cautious (or paranoid) players. That means you're going to have to be very smart about where you're placing everything.

The VALORANT Killjoy reveal has shaped up to be pretty darn cool! You'll be able to play with this new agent starting next week. For now, you can play VALORANT for free via the game's official website.

What do you think of the VALORANT Killjoy reveal? Do you like the look of this new agent? What do you think of her abilities? Let us know in the comments below!

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