Valorant Datamine Reveals New Agent Info, New Skins And More

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Valorant Datamine Reveals New Agent Info, New Skins And More

June 2, 2020

By: Joseph Allen

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A massive Valorant datamine by a prominent dataminer has revealed a wealth of new information about the game. The datamine includes potential information about new agents, new gun skins, and plenty more.

This information comes from well-known Valorant datamining specialist Floxay (tweeting as @floxayyy). The full datamine is absolutely monstrous and contains a huge amount of stuff, so if you're a Valorant fan, we strongly recommend you head over to Floxay's Twitter feed and check it all out. Perhaps the biggest reveal of the datamine is some information regarding the newest agent, Reyna. Floxay includes Reyna's description and full kit in the datamine, as well as what looks like methods by which Reyna can build up her ultimate and amp her damage and speed.

In addition to info about Reyna, Floxay also uncovered something interesting regarding the rumored agent known as Killjoy. There's a player card in the datamine named "KJ Tease", and Floxay also points to a piece of code that reads "PlayerCard_KilljoyTease". These elements appear to point to the existence of Killjoy, although we don't yet know exactly what form Killjoy will take. Floxay also points to a basic model and animation created by fellow leaker PlayerIGN and based on textures and WIP animations for more evidence of Killjoy's existence.

As well as these additions regarding new agents, there are also plenty of weapon skins, including variations on handgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle models. You'll also find videos of some of those weapon skins in action. As we said, it's a pretty crazy datamine, so if you're inclined to do a deep dive into Valorant content, do be sure to check out Floxay's Twitter feed. Oh, yes - there's also a new plushie in the form of Tactical Squirrel. If that ain't enough to convince you to check out Valorant, we don't know what will be. It's available free for PC right now.


What's your favorite piece of new information in the Valorant datamine? Let us know in the comments below!

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