[Updated] DOOM Releases in May, Collectors Edition Detailed

Published: February 5, 2016 8:05 AM /


DOOM Revenant

Update 2: We received confirmation from Bethesda today that Hack Modules will NOT be available via Microtransactions confirming what Pete Hines had said on Twitter. They will be unlockable passive abilities you get through game play. Additionally, Doom Snap Map will be available on launch!

Original Story

iD and Bethesda have revealed that their modern interpretation of DOOM will be ready for players on Friday, May 13th. This information was provided via a new campaign trailer giving eager players a few more brief glimpses at the game's fast and furious combat and its bloody execution moves.


If you're all in on the game, Bethesda will be offering up a collector's edition of the game. It includes a twelve-inch statue of the Revenant standing on an LED-lit base. You also get a metal case for your shelf featuring the shambling skeleton foe, and the whole thing will run you $120. Unlike a certain other company it does state that there is a physical copy of the game.

Doom Collectors

The pre-order information also gave a brief glimpse into some of the plans for the game's multiplayer mode. Those who put their money down before release will received the "Demon Multiplayer Pack", which includes demon themed armor for your Doomguy, iD decals and paint jobs to apply to your weapons, and six "Hack Modules". These modules are described as "consumable perks" to be used during multiplayer matches, and they are specifically mentioned to "give you an edge".

TechRaptor has reached out to Bethesda to clarify some of the questions surrounding these multiplayer perks and whether they'll be part of a microtransactions strategy, but has not received a response. We will update this article if and when they do get back to us, and continue to cover DOOM as more information is unveiled.

Update 1 : On Twitter Pete Hines has replied to several questions about Microtransactions addressing concerns users had about the Hack Modules.

https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/695267634821079040 https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/695386456747962368

Quick Take

I'm overjoyed at how DOOM is turning out, especially considering what it could have been. The enemies and weapons evoke the classic games in just the right way, and the gameplay looks vicious. I'm a bit concerned about the Hack Modules, as the possibility of players being able to purchase an advantage would severely hinder any hope of DOOM Deathmatch becoming a part of my FPS rotation.

Is this reboot DOOMed to fail? What are your first thoughts on Hack Machines? Do they doom any interest you may have had? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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