TSM Signs former Fnatic Support Yellowstar

Published: December 11, 2015 8:14 PM /



After weeks of speculation and trolling courtesy of TSM owner Andy 'Reginald' Dinh, we finally have learned who the new Team Solomid support will be thanks to a new video released on the HTC eSports Youtube channel. Although it was unofficially leaked by a mistake in the TSM store website several weeks ago, we now have official confirmation that Fnatic shot caller Bora 'Yellowstar' Kim will be the new support. Ever since IEM San Jose, the status of the future Team Solomid Support was unknown. kaSing was the first to be tried out but chose against TSM to sign with new European LCS team Vitality who purchased Gambits position. Once kaSing fell through 3 potential replacements became the basis of all discussion.

Former Team Impulse support Adrian, KT Rollster support Piccaboo, and finally the suprise choice of Fnatics support Yellowstar. Our first hard evidence of Yellowstar came in the form of a TSM Store leak as I mentioned earlier. A selection of player names available for purchase on a Team Solomid team hoodie included Yellowstars name, this slip up quickly exploded all of Reddit where some suspected it was just a random troll who tried to prank some people, which turned out not to be the case. Only 20 minutes later, TSM had picked up on the mistake and removed the name.


Endless teasing and trolling from Regi, Team Solomid players such as Bjergsen 'leaking' piccaboo as the new support, Adrian him self joined the fun by tweeting out a picture of him in a TSM Tshirt as well as playing under the username 'TSM Piccaboo' finally came to a conclusion with today's news being what most people started to believe. It should be worth noting that the 3 departing Fnatic Members Huni, Reignover, and now Yellowstar have all left Fnatic to join a North American team. Huni and Reignover both were revealed as members of Immortals who took over Team 8's LCS spot and as mentioned Yellowstar has since joined TSM.  Yellowstar brings world class shot calling and team leading skills as well as years of experience to help the newly revamped TSM lineup.

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