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Published: March 5, 2020 7:20 PM /


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Ubisoft has officially revealed a brand new feature set to change the way players experience Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, figuratively and literally. The Ghost Experience lets you customize and tailor the HUD content, settings, difficulty, and much more.

The studio believes the Ghost Experience feature will re-define the way people play Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You can choose from three options; Regular, Immersive, and Custom, where players can build their own. The immersive option focuses mainly on removing equipment's level progression, minimizing the players' interface, and obliging them to efficiently manage their limited resources. Ubisoft believes it will help revive the title, and its fanbase as the mode stems from the community's feedback and addresses some of the fundamental issues plaguing Ghost Recon Breakpoint for a while now.

ghost recon breakpoint ghost experience

The studio released a comprehensive list of the settings players can mess around with till they find the right balance, and it ranges from stamina level and health regeneration to bandage and primary weapon quantities. These aren't the only tweakable settings, so feel free to give Ubisoft's blog post for more details on how much you can change in each. Whenever you hop on to play with your friends, your created settings won't overlap with your companions' as every Ghost Experience settings are session-specific. This allows for every one of you to play in the most comfortable environment for each one of you without feeling the need to sacrifice.

Essentially what Gear Level does when it is disabled is give each weapon its own unique stats, which can be upgraded with certain attachments, similar to Ghost Recon Wildlands. On the other hand, when it is enabled, your weapon and gear's power scales based on their level; the higher they are, the better they perform. Rest assured your progress is saved up to the point when you turn it off. However, there are certain raids that will require the Gear Level setting to be enabled or disabled accordingly.

For example, the Project War and Ghost War will require you to enable Gear Level, alongside tweaking enemy and tactical difficulties. Once you return to the normal PvE state, it automatically resets to the pre-selected settings. Ubisoft promised to follow up Project Titan with a subsequent raid, however, considering the amount of content and significant changes coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint and how it plays, the studio decided to cancel it. The resources that were going to be put in to create it will go into developing Ghost Experience's first update after its release.

As with most major announcements, the development team went over to the game's Reddit to reveal more details. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will receive a new Engineer class. They "deal more damage to drones, carry extra offensive items, and have a buff to grenade launchers." Year 1 Pass owners will have the privilege to try out the new class a week before everyone else gets their hands on it on March 24th. Not only that, as the update will bring a new Dynamic Camera option, which adapts the viewing angle and distance based on the situation you are in at the time.

The Ghost Experience is set to go live on March 24th. Ubisoft admits it is an "an evolving mode," as almost everything is subject to change. The studio will monitor its performance and take into consideration the fans and community's feedback.

Make sure to check out the feature's in-depth trailer above for more details on what to expect and a sneak peak on how it changes the title. What are you most excited to try out in this new addition to Ghost Recon Breakpoint?


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