Tiny Tower 5th Anniversary Edition Goes Into Beta

Published: April 16, 2016 9:15 AM /


Tiny Tower 5th Anniversary Edition

Tiny Tower (developed & published by NimbleBit) has announced a "5th Anniversary Edition" which will be going into Beta for iOS soon according to TouchArcade.

The article leads to a thread on the TouchArcade forums where you can sign up to get a beta invite for iOS. An Android version is mentioned to be "coming soon". The first wave of beta invites is expected to go out in the next few days.

The update is stated to be a "giant overhaul of the game". Tiny Tower is being ported to a new engine to allow for better cross-platform capabilities, and one challenge noted by the developers is converting save files from the old game to the new one.

The new content in the game consists of 40 new roofs, 32 new floors, 24 new lobbies, 10 new elevators, 288 new missions, 604 new BitBook posts, and 34 new costumes to unlock. Additionally, players will now be able to rename the people who live in their towers (called "bitizens"). Players will also be able to trade bitizens with their friends. Finally, a new "Quick Stock" feature has been added to make it easier to manage your tower. Although they don't go into specifics, it is likely related to the stocking stores with merchandise as that is a core mechanic of the game.

Tiny Tower was pulled from Android late last year by Mobage. Mobage had handled the initial port of Tiny Tower to Android and removed quite a few games from their platform in late 2015 including Pocket Planes, Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower, and apps from other developers.

Quick Take

My mom loved Tiny Tower and plays a lot of Tiny Tower Vegas. I played it a bit myself, and it stunk that it was shut down on Android right when we were both getting into it. I really love that it's coming back, and I'm excited to give her the good news today!

Did you miss Tiny Tower on Android? What do you think of NimbleBit taking the time to port the game back to Android? Let us know in the comments below!


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