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THQ Nordic Absorb Bugbear and Coffee Stain in Early Black Friday Purchase

Published: November 14, 2018 1:26 PM



It's been a few months since the good ship THQ Nordic took on more passengers. Announcing their financial results this morning, THQ Nordic took the opportunity to bring two more companies on board. This is Coffee Stain and Bugbear. The former gained their reputation from Goat Simulator, although they've started publishing games in recent years. The latter is the development team behind the good Flatout games and Wreckfest, which spent most of its life as Next Car Game.

Older gamers may remember Coffee Stain as the folks behind Sanctum. An early hit on Steam, this first-person tower defense hybrid spawned a sequel and an arcadey spinoff before being superseded by the meme-laden Goat Simulator. While that started as an April Fool's joke, it spawned an empire of spinoffs and expansions. It also gave the company enough funding to start publishing a few other indie titles. This includes Deep Rock Galactic, A Story About My Uncle, and The Westport Independent.


Bugbear already has a working relationship with THQ Nordic from before this merger. The publisher acquired the rights to Wreckfest as it made its way to consoles. This merger will assure that the company can continue to make headway in the wide open arcade racing market. The developers at Bugbear have been working on Wreckfest in one form or another for four years. After failing to gain momentum on Kickstarter, it found a home on Steam Greenlight. After a lengthy stay in Early Access, it released to much success.


THQ Nordic's financials are up 1,403% since the last report, mostly due to the company's aggressive expansion. The acquisition of Koch Media and Deep Silver in February provided the biggest boost, with games like Dakar 18 and Pathfinder: Kingmaker finding success. On the THQ Nordic side, games like This is the Police 2 and re-releases of Titan Quest and Red Faction: Guerilla on modern consoles proved to be strong saleswise. As a whole, the company has 35 unannounced games in development, out of a total of 55 games in the works.

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