PS Plus January 2020 Games

PlayStation Plus Starts the New Year with Goats and Nathan Drake

January 1, 2020

By: Robert Grosso


PlayStation Plus is starting off the new year with a bang, offering two new games for members with a PS Plus Subscription for January.

Starting January 3rd, players can download Goat Simulator and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection if they have a PS Plus subscription.


Goat Simulator is an oddball comedy game where players must throw an 'immaculately rendered goat' into the air, crashing into all manner of objects for the player's amusement. Goat Simulator boasts an accurate physics engine, where the goat's proportions are able to crash into all sorts of environments and items, all for the player's own amusement. 

Developed by Coffee Stain Studios and released in 2014, Goat Simulator is one of the earliest examples of a grassroots-style game, that gained widespread attention by word of mouth through social media and twitch streaming. Today it is considered a fun little game that provides a fun little distraction in between larger titles. 


The larger package, however, is The Nathan Drake Collection. What is great about this package is that it contains three games in the Uncharted series for the price of one. Not just any three games either; it is the full catalog of games from the PlayStation 3; Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The Nathan Drake Collection is a full-on remaster of all three games, which was ported to the PS4 back in 2015 by Bluepoint Games. Easily a massive addition to anyone's PlayStation collection, for those looking for a trio of games to play after the Holiday season it is well worth the free price. 


As always, the games are available free for PlayStation Plus subscribers only. Players can download both titles from January 3rd to February 3rd.

What are your thoughts on January's offerings for PlayStation Plus? Leave your comments below. 

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