This Asset Flip Game Is Selling for $200 On Steam

Published: March 31, 2020 9:16 AM /


An in-game screenshot of the asset flip game Super Fight

How are you feeling about the state of your bank balance right now? Feel like dropping $200 on a Steam asset flip game? That's exactly what mysterious developer LGe is asking you to do with Super Fight (not to be confused with Superfight, a tabletop card game which also has a presence on Steam). It's a lazy side-scroller that appears to have been cobbled together entirely from a single asset store.

The Steam page for Super Fight promises "a arcade style action game" in which you can "come to start your fight". The grammar isn't exactly superlative; the About section also contains numerous punctuation and syntax errors, which threatened to send my editor into a fit. All of Super Fight's assets - character models, effects, weapons, and so on - come from the "Beat 'Em Up - Game Template 3D" asset store on the Unity website. LGe doesn't seem to have made any attempt whatsoever to mask that its assets are all from that store; there are no retextures or even palette swaps.

It's not clear exactly why LGe wants $200 for its game. That amount would cover the asset store purchase and the cost of putting a game on Steam, so it's possible the devs have just calculated it that way. There are a number of other games on Steam with this pricing scheme that look equally lazy, some of which don't support the English language. The rather bafflingly-titled "strike mole" is one such game, as is this one. The only things on Steam that are more expensive than these weird asset flip games seem to be bundles, a few pieces of premium software, Valve Index VR hardware, or EVE Online PLEX microtransactions.

Given Valve's insistence that it's cleaning up its act regarding troll games and...whatever the heck Super Fight is, the optics on this don't look great. We've reached out to Valve for a comment on this story and will let you know as soon as we hear something. In the meantime, for the love of Alyx, please don't open your wallets for this stuff. Not that you needed to be told.

Have you seen any weirdly expensive asset flip games stinking up Steam? Let us know in the comments below!      

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