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SuperFight is a party card game that gets you to create your own superhero, then have endless arguments about if they could beat the villain.

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SuperFight Card Game Box With a Simple Black Colour scheme, title of the game in sans-serif font and a tiny logo of a thunderbolt above the title.

Do you have one of those friends who always poses those hypothetical "Who would win in a fight?" No? Well, then, it might be you. Regardless, SuperFight might be a fun game to break out for you and your friends to play. In this game, you will play card pairings of all kinds of characters and then debate over who would be victorious if they were to all go head to head.

What is SuperFight?

SuperFight, as a base game, includes white and black cards—the white cards are comprised of characters, while the black cards are modifiers. From there, you can get the Green Deck with G-rated white and black cards, the Red Deck with R-rated white and black cards, the Orange Deck with geek white and black cards, the Purple Deck filled with group modifiers that affect all the fighters, and the Blue Deck, which gives you the option of setting a location for the fight.

This game is for two to whatever a number of players you find reasonable as there are ways to play two fighters going against one another, everyone playing a character but one villain against the rest, a Battle Royale where it is everyone against one another in the fight or even a pacifist game style where you go for the funniest fighter. The fighters that you might see pitted against one another can be as wild as "Literal Seal Team Six armed with lightsaber nunchucks" or something more simple like "Indiana Jones with a snowball." Now with only white and black cards, a decision like this seems too simple; that's where the Blue and Purple cards come into the fray. The Blue cards add a location to the fight, and the Purple cards add a modifier to all of the fighters at once—you might think your fighter has it in the bag right up until the moment you learn they are in free fall from space with no arms ...

SuperFight is Perfect for the Right People

SuperFight is great for game nights or if you're hosting a party with friends and is perfect for college dorm settings. SuperFight allows you to include everyone in on the fun as you discuss all the ludicrous different possible combinations of fighters. Due to the sheer number of cards and combinations that you can come up with, you might find that there will never be two fights that are the same. There is fantastic replayability in SuperFight because of the sheer number of cards at your disposal, and unlike Cards Against Humanity, which is so dependent on just the cards, in SuperFight, you get to be more involved in the game through debating with one another. A game of SuperFight can last from a few hands if you don't have much time to as long as you want, with plenty of chance for people to hop into the game or drop out in between rounds.

The most difficult part that I have found in playing this game is the people that you play with—make sure to pick a crowd that can accept when they have lost because otherwise, you might end up in a cycle of arguing as one or more members of the group might not want to concede. For this, it's recommended to put a timer on the amount of discussion that can happen and have a vote at the end for simple majority rules. Unlike other card games of this nature, such as Cards Against Humanity, this game isn't anonymous, so if you feel that one player is playing favorites instead of playing by the rules, then be sure to direct them to the rules:

If a player is being biased, for whatever dumb reason, never play with that person again. They are lame, and should go play charades with their cats until they learn how to play with people

Lastly, the cards that you get for SuperFight are good quality and fairly stiff, meaning that you don't have to be too worried about any bends or scratches, but like any card game, if you want it to be around for a while, then don't go abusing them.

Is SuperFight Worth Your Money?

SuperFight is a great game of social interaction and discussion, but that can also be its downfall. If you have a group of friends who are willing to admit defeat when it's staring them in the face, then you should definitely pick this up. However, if you, or your playgroup, has a tendency to be a bit stubborn, then you'll probably want to avoid it. That said, you can also use it to cause intentional fights with any of your friends that you've got a bit sick of, so make of that what you will. 

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