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Tekken World Tour

Tekken World Tour Korea in Seoul has concluded, and what an event it was. If you're familiar with competitive Tekken, you'll know that Korean players are the cream of the crop and always rise to the top, so the competition was sure to be incredibly fierce. However, that doesn't mean it was necessarily a Korean-only tournament. Other tops players from countries all around Asia showed up to take home the big win and get one step closer to qualifying for the World Finals.

Due to being a one-game event, Tekken World Tour Korea took place over a single day, and streaming of the tournament was handled by the official Tekken channel for English commentary, and Team SpiritZero for Korean commentary.

As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name]” format, with their used characters in brackets. Tekken World Tour Korea did not use Smash.gg to organize their brackets, so there will not be any links to them, but were over 200 entrants in total.

Tekken 7

Due to being a specialized event featuring one game, top 16 will be listed instead of top 8.

  • 1. Noroma [Jack-7, Feng]
  • 2. Echo Fox | JDCR [Dragunov, Heihachi]
  • 3. Echo Fox | Saint [Jack-7, Eddy]
  • 4. CherryBerryMango [Jin]
  • 5. Tsubumi [Shaheen]
  • 5. Yamasa | Take [Kazumi, Bryan]
  • 7. Shine [Lili]
  • 7. Lili Man [Lili]
  • 9. Chanel [Alisa]
  • 9. Okay [Asuka]
  • 9. Yamasa | Yuu [Feng]
  • 9. Go_Attack [Master Raven]
  • 13. Wecka [Xiaoyu]
  • 13. Yamasa | Nobi [Dragunov]
  • 13. MBC [King]
  • 13. Kkokkoma [Dragunov]
Despite the tournament taking place South Korea, the top-level-Tekken capital of the world, it was Japanese player Noroma who managed to force his way through the competition and become the champion. He fought from the losers bracket through the entire top 8, achieved a reset in the grand final, and overcame the might of JDCR, who had been consistently displaying his unparalleled ability through tournaments around the world since the beginning of the year. JDCR's teammate and friend, Saint, was right next to him in third place, as expected.

For those who follow tier lists, it might come as a surprise to see a Jin, and not just one, but two Lili players in top 8, but in the land of Korea, any character is viable. Chanel, last year's World Finals runner-up, came in 9th, along with other notable Korean players and Japanese pro Yuu. Tied for 13th is another group of Korean elites with one other Japanese member of team Yamasa, the Evo 2015 champion, Nobi.

Lost among the best of the best are other popular players who did not manage to break top 16. They include Evo 2017 finalists Jeondding and Knee; HelpMe, Setup, Dimeback, and another Japanese pro, Pekos.

The Tekken World Tour will continue throughout the year, so keep your eye on future results here on TechRaptor.

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