Survive Lost at Sea, a Surreal Adventure

Published: June 14, 2020 1:16 PM /


Lost at Sea Logo

Another world premiere from publisher Headup is a brand new title called Lost at Sea

Described as "a game about life," Lost at Sea is about the journey towards a large, lush island filled with secrets and symbols to explore. Lost at Sea has an otherworldly quality to its landscape however, with unique images from school busses, to overturned ships, even  a coffin strewn around in the sand.

The premise of the game is more emotional, as the player will be going up against "the monster we all face" according to the developers. It is clear that the developers are looking to use the island itself as to show off different memories and emotional resonance, as we fight against fear, despair, and even death itself to recollect the moments that mean something to us.

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