Super People Battles To Get "More Dramatic" In Next Update

Published: December 2, 2022 11:17 AM /


A banner proclaiming that "REVOLUTION IS COMING" for the new Super People Revolution update

A brand new Super People update is incoming, and the battle royale game's combat is about to get even more frantic. The Revolution update, which arrives later this month, is intended to make battles "more dramatic" and will introduce a class overhaul, changes to skills, and a battle pass, among other things.

Wonder People's battle royale has some stiff competition right now, with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG receiving regular updates. Nevertheless, the Korean developer is determined to keep up, and the Revolution update for Super People should be a pretty chunky one, so if it's been a while since you leaped into battle in this game, it might be time to start gearing up again.

According to a press release, the Revolution update is all about reducing "overly complicated and unnecessary game mechanics". To that end, it'll streamline the class system so that the maximum level is now 12 instead of 27. That should keep things a bit more manageable in the heat of battle.

A group of players engaging in combat in Super People
Combat in Super People should be a lot more dramatic after the Revolution update.

As well as dropping the maximum class level, the Revolution update will also lower the number of skills for each class to 4 instead of 10. That means you'll have access to three normal skills and one ultimate ability as soon as combat starts, so you won't have to wait to unlock anything.

There's more big stuff on the way too, of course. New areas have been added to Super People's map, including a bamboo forest and an underground mine. Weapon and armor tiers have been lowered and specialized weapon crafting has been removed, streamlining the equipment system. The idea behind this change is to stop you from constantly searching for loot and let you focus more on combat.

It's well worth taking a look at the official Super People website for a more stylish and thorough rundown of everything that's being introduced to the battle royale game with the Revolution update. It drops on December 12th, so you've got about ten days to enjoy Super People in its current form.

You can play Super People for free right now on Steam

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