6 Tips To Get More Wins In Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is here, and it’s a little unlike other battle royale games. Respawn’s latest game features reviving, classes, and three-person squads. Gameplay is fast, frantic, and can be confusing to newer players—especially with the lack of a thorough tutorialIf you’ve been struggling with the game, Then this guide will show you 6 tips to get more wins in Apex Legends

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6 Tips to Get More Win Apex Legends 

1. Stay Separate

Apex Legends only has 60 players on the map. Because of this, there are always empty spaces to explore. Instead of dropping out of the ship right away, take some time and see where other squads are going. Take note of their smoke trails and pick a drop point far apart from competitors. That way, you can be sure to explore an area yourself and find some good loot.

In the vein of staying alive, keep in mind that the circle takes a while to move inwards. Don’t rush inside of it. Once the timer goes down, stroll towards the safe area as you loot the areas on the way. Then, wait right outside of it in a covered area. This way, you can catch any stragglers rushing inside last minute and flank them before moving in yourself, free from harm.

2. Use Abilities Unconventionally

Every ability in Apex Legends has a primary use case. Sure, Bangalore’s smoke is useful when you need a breather, but have you tried using it to distract or even mislead players? One of my best moments was during a shootout between myself and another squad. I shot a smoke to the left of our fight while my team stayed in cover. I ran to the right while the enemy stayed distracted by the smoke on the left. While I maneuvered behind the enemy, my squad moved up to open fire. The enemy was left scrambling to shoot back while I threw another smoke down from behind and sprinted in for the flank. We wiped them with no issue.

Smoke grenades can make or break a battle.

Use Lifeline’s care package drop as bait instead of looting it right away. Pull enemies closer to you with Pathfinder’s grappling hook, separating squads from each other. Tease players with Wraith’s portal, only to gun them down as they move inside it. Take advantage of players’ curiosity, and you’ll find yourself winning more fights than ever.

3. Listen To Others

Play this game with a headset on. Seriously. In Apex Legends, enemies can hear you even when walking around. I’ve noticed that you can hear somebody at all times unless they’re crouching. When sneaking up on enemies, make sure you crouch and move slowly. If you stop and slow down, you’ll hear enemies trying to flank you on the other side of the wall or on different floors than you. Make sure to close doors behind you as well. When opened, doors make a sound so you can hear players trying to move in from behind. It seems that this game is all about running around, but slowing down to listen will keep you alive much longer.


apex legends punch
Listen in and you can get the drop on people. Even punch them to death.

Gunshots echo throughout the map, too. You can hear battles happen from far away. Sneak up on fights and see where squads are going at it. Make a point to wait until one kills the other, then flank the survivors as they’re healing up and grab loot from both squads.

4. Land On The Dropship

You know that big dropship that appears at the beginning of each match? It usually has fantastic gear. If you’re confident in your squad, rush out of the starting ship and drop onto that thing as early as possible. More often than not, only one or two other teams try to land on it. If you can get there first, you’ll have easy access to a ton of great weapons and high-level shields. Then you can fight off anyone who lands there after you.

5. Combine Team Skills

Pick your heroes accordingly. There’s no reason you should have two support classes. Instead, choose your classes based on skills that complement each other. Bangalore’s smoke can combine with Bloodhound’s see-all ability or Lifeline’s quick heal passive. Throw down Gibraltar’s shield with Caustic’s poisonous Nox traps to make an easy getaway. Mirage’s ultimate decoys can distract a squad, while Pathfinder can set up a zip line for flanking. Most of these skills work great together. Ensure that you talk with your team to activate them in unison.

bangalore apex legends
Take advantage of your abilities, or you'll be on the receiving end of this pistol.

6. Look For The Robots

Every once and a while, you’ll notice little robots that look like the Apex loot boxes you open after each level-up. Punch these open for decent loot. I’ve found purple shields, heavy-ammo weapons, and epic attachments doing this. They’re hard to find, but I notice players running past these little creatures quite often. Don’t make that same mistake.

There isn’t any one way to win Apex Legends. However, there are ways to keep yourself alive longer. The point of the game is to stick together and be aware of other squads. Focus, use your abilities wisely, and pay attention to your surroundings. You’ll notice yourself getting closer to a win every round.


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