Supergiant Games Announces Hades II at Game Awards

Announced at The Game Awards, a sequel to Hades is coming in 2023

Published: December 8, 2022 8:38 PM /


Hades II

At the Game Awards 2022, Supergiant Games showed a world premiere trailer for Hades II. Releasing in early access, Hades II will allow players to give, enabling Supergiant Games to refine and finalize Hades II, like it handled Hades. This is Supergiant Game's first sequel, proving what a runaway hit the original game was. 

Focusing on the same rogue-like mechanics of the 2018 original, this sequel shows a new hero working her way through the underworld to face off against Cronos, the Titan of Time. Whereas the first game had players following the story of Zagreus, the Prince of the Underworld, it's now time to get to know Melinoë: the Princess of the Underworld.

Hades 2

The Hades II trailer doesn't reveal too much, but it does promise a rogue-lite adventure that will allow players to sink many hours into exploring every nook and cranny of this universe. It's a direct Hades sequel that's set sometime after the events of the first game, but the story will be unique, requiring no previous knowledge of the original game to play, though there will be many connections between the two for returning players to enjoy. 

Hades featured exotic locales from Greek mythology like Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and the Temple of Styx. It looks like some of these locations may make a return for Hades II, but the Princess of the Underworld will undoubtedly have new challenges to face as she makes her way out of the House of Hades.

Hades II will feature over a dozen Olympic Gods, and Melinoë is a witch who will feature a different playstyle from Zagreus as she uses dark sorcery to conquer the challenges on her adventure. Her specific abilities haven't been revealed yet, but one thing is for certain: the way through the underworld is not for the faint of heart. 

Melinoe in Hades II

The Hades II release date should arrive in 2023, giving Hades fans plenty to look forward to as we head into the new year. With a history as rich as Greek mythology, there will be no shortage of new characters and stories to pull from to help make Hades II just as jam-packed with things to discover as the first game was. 

In 2018, Hades came out to critical acclaim; the TechRaptor Hades review score was 9.5, stating that "Hades perfectly blends high-octane action with roguelike randomization to deliver an exhilarating experience that never lets up."

The Hades II announcement is one of many game reveals shown off at The Game Awards 2022. Fans can currently wishlist Hades II on Steam and the Epic Games store. 

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