Hades II Early Access Launch Window Announced

Published: September 14, 2023 3:02 PM /


The logo for Hades II in green text, three of the main characters are seen i nthe background including a darkskinned man, the female protagonist, and a muscular woman with a ponytail.

At last year's Game Awards, Supergiant Games announced Hades II. Aside from a trailer, little has been seen of this highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning original. Now in a development update, Supergiant has confirmed a Hades II Early Access release window.

The Hades II Early Access Date Announcement

According to a post on Supergiant's blog, the Hades II Early Access will launch around Q2 2024 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The post goes into further detail about this decision. While Supergiant did state they were aiming for a 2023 date, and what little gameplay seen in the 2022 trailer looked promising, the reason for a 2024 date was one reason: content.

The post states that Hades II will have at least as much content from day one in Early Access as the original Hades did when it released day one in Early Access.

While a game in Early Access is, by definition incomplete, this guarantees that the game is worth players' time and investment when it goes live.

Prior to the Q2 2024 date, Supergiant has announced a Hades II Early Access technical test.

A screenshot from the trailer for Hades II, showing a woman and a robed figure, a full moon is in the background.
Set the date, that's when we'll kill Cronus.

This test will be with a limited sample of players meant to solve any technical or compatibility issues. This technical test will hold less content than the official Early Access release and will be limited to a small number of players who wish to join.

The post then states that the timeframe for Hades II in Early Access will be similar to the original game. Major content updates, refining systems thanks to player feedback, and the introduction of new characters and storylines.

The original Hades officially released September 17 2020 after being in Early Access for two years on Epic Games Store. It has gone on to win several prestigious awards for gameplay and narrative, including the first-ever Hugo Award for gaming.

You can add Hades II to your Steam or Epic Games Store wishlist right now.


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