Su-27 Flanker Will Fly the Famous Cobra Maneuver in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Here's your daily dose of Microsoft Flight Simulator News: the Airbus A330neo is now available, while the Su-27 Flanker got a development update. Bahía Blanca Airport has been announced😎

Published: October 20, 2023 10:18 AM /


Airbus A330 and Su-27 Flanker in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today third-party developers released a big (literally) new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, while providing more information on a famous fighter jet.

Speaking of the fighter jet, DC Designs provided a development update about its SU-27 Flanker. Development is "well underway" with most of the work currently focused on the virtual cockpit and flight model.

It will be able o perform the famous "cobra" and more high alpha maneivers. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator Su-27 Flanker in Ukrainian Air force colors

The flight model is being refined so that the aircraft can sustain 6G turns at 270 knots with light combat weights, as reported by pilots. 

The Airbus A330neo by LatinVFR has been released and it's currently available on the official marketplace for $34.99. It includes the following features.

  • Customized systems of the Airbus A330neo, simulating its basic cockpit functionalities.
  • Highly detailed external and interior model with high definition textures.
  • Realistic A330 cockpit with functionality in most of the basic systems.
  • Simulation of the auto transfer of the Trim tank, based on Aircraft’s CG and auto logic.
  • Fuel dumping capabilities.
  • Cabin model with Business class, premium economy, economy seats and galleys.
  • 42 custom liveries from real world airlines.
  • Excellent flight dynamics that resemble the Airbus A330-900, characteristics, power management, fuel systems etc.
  • VNAV implementation.
  • EFB (electronic flight bag) with weather, aircraft loading, simbrief, navigraph charts, GSE options.
  • Navigraph charts implementation on EFB. Subscription required.
  • Navigraph OANS (on-board airport navigation system) implemented on the Navigation display. Subscription required.
  • Simbrief flight plan injection to CDU. Beta implementation.
  • Ground service equipment on demand via the EFB.
  • Cabin interior, depicting the selected airline.
  • Realistic sounds
  • Future free updates enhancing this addon further in the coming months

Below you can see what it looks like.


Last, but not least, Simulación Extrema shared with us that it's developing Comandante Espora Airport (SAZB) also known as Bahía Blanca Airport in Argentina. 

Not only this airport is host to some airliner traffic, but it's also the main base of the Argentine Naval Aviation. 

Here are a few work-in-progress images.


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