Steelrising New Game Plus Update Coming Next Week

If you've already finished adventuring through the alternate-history French Revolution in Steelrising, you'll be pleased to know the game's getting a New Game Plus option next week.

Published: September 21, 2022 10:34 AM /


Aegis wielding a halberd weapon in the Steelrising New Game Plus mode

Good news if you've already made your way through the treacherous streets of Steelrising's alternate-history Paris: a Steelrising New Game Plus mode is on the way next week, allowing you to tackle this curious Soulslike's many challenges all over again.

How will the new Steelrising New Game Plus mode work?

Per developer Spiders over on Steam, the Steelrising New Game Plus mode will allow you to carry gear, weapons, and levels over to a brand new playthrough. As you'd expect from New Game Plus, enemies and bosses will be stronger, too; they'll have had some balancing tweaks applied, including the "removal of some cheese strategies", so they should be harder to take down.

In addition to all the usual New Game Plus switch-ups, you can also expect new gear if you head into Steelrising's New Game Plus. This gear includes a brand new weapon and a complete outfit, both of which are exclusive to New Game Plus, so if you want some more options in combat for Aegis, you'll get them.

Aegis battling a robotic enemy in Steelrising
The upcoming Steelrising New Game Plus mode should give you good reason to head back into robot-overrun Paris.

In particular, the New Game Plus update is geared towards introducing new enemy variations with new movesets and weapons, as well as balancing for the ice musketeer, grenades and ammunition, and "some bosses". Spiders is remaining tight-lipped about which bosses those are, so you'll have to check out the update to find out!

There will also be some fixes for the main Steelrising game, although again, we're not entirely sure what those are yet. The patch is due to arrive for Steelrising on September 29th, so make sure to head back into the game and download it if you're looking for an excuse to go dismantle some more clockwork automata.

What is Steelrising?

Steelrising is a Soulslike RPG created by GreedFall and The Technomancer studio Spiders. Announced during the Nacon Direct presentation earlier this year, Steelrising is unlike the developer's usual work, as it focuses on combat and exploration rather than conversation and character-building.

You are Aegis, a clockwork automaton in an alternate-history version of late-18th-century Paris. Marie Antoinette sends you out into the streets of the city to seek out Jacques de Vaucanson, here reimagined as the inventor of a clockwork army appropriated by Louis XVI in an attempt to cling to power. It's up to you to save de Vaucanson and other revolutionaries, and perhaps get to the bottom of the automaton army's existence as well.

Aegis takes on multiple enemies in an ornate Paris courtyard in Steelrising
Steelrising takes place in an alternate-history version of the French Revolution. It's as weird as you might expect.

You can grab Steelrising right now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S

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