Star Wars Outlaws Offers First Look at Gameplay in Walkthrough Video

Published: June 12, 2023 2:44 PM /


Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Showcase

As promised following its reveal at the Xbox Showcase, Ubisoft is back today with more on Star Wars Outlaws - including a full length gameplay walkthrough and voice actor commentary. The walkthrough spans just under 11 minutes of footage and introduces us to protagonist Kay Vess and her companion Nix. Elements of gameplay include stealth, gunplay, exploration and even traversing on a speeder before Kay comes upon an outpost where she talks with various citizens. We also see some story cutscenes, which suggest that Kay's life as a scoundrel isn't black and white and round it off with the ability to pilot a space ship.

As the first ever open world Star Wars game, Star Wars Outlaws is set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Kay will be able to explore various planets across the galaxy as she risks everything in order to seek freedom. She'll have to fight, steal and outwit her way out as one of the galaxy's most wanted. Whilst the Empire tightens its grip, the criminal underworld is thriving. Kay must free herself from a bounty that follows her even if that means traveling to the deserts of Toshara or the humid jungles of Akiva while taking on risky contracts and convincing other outlaws to join her along the way.

Other gameplay elements in Star Wars Outlaws include racing across sprawling landscapes on a speeder, with each planet bringing forth new adventures and rewards. Kay fights with a blaster but she can overcome enemies with stealth and other gadgets while using distraction to outsmart enemies. She can even take on high-reward missions from crime syndicates that involve stealing valuable goods and sneaking into secret locations. There's even space battles to be had with The Trailblazer, Kay's ship. She can engage in dogfights, chase, evade and attack using her ship in order to live another day.

More on Kay was shared in a diary video introducing Kay's voice actor, Humberly González. The video features a chat with her along with narrative director Navid Khavari. Star Wars Outlaws will launch for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2024.


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