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Happy May The 4th! Enjoy a list of our favourite Star Wars games to celebrate!

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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

On what is for all Star Wars fans a very special day, we here at TechRaptor have decided to celebrate the best of the best. We're here taking a look at the best Star Wars tabletop games in addition to taking a look at the video game side of Star Wars in order to celebrate the wonderful things that have come from it. So join me and our Tabletop Expert Giaco Furino as we delve deep into a galaxy far, far away.

Fallen Order

The Best Star Wars Video Games

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is like the holy grail of Star Wars video games. It’s got incredible lightsaber combat that’s insanely responsive and feels brilliant to take part in. Cal Kestis might not be the most immediately recognizable of Star Wars protagonists from the outset, but the game takes great pains to develop him and make him an incredibly three-dimensional character.

The side cast is great, the story is great, and the bosses are some of my favorite bosses in a video game. Truly cannot recommend Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order enough to anybody with even a passing interest. 

Battlefront 2

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005) is better than every single other Star Wars: Battlefront game released since then and the one game that released before then for three core reasons. The first reason is the space battles in the game are implemented brilliantly, with players able to land on the capital ships and take them out from the inside in what was a mind-blowing display for me as a child.

Secondly, online featured 64-player battles in 2005. Just think about that for a second. Seventeen years ago you could fight against massive armies in a Star Wars game online.

The third and final reason is the Galactic Conquest, mode which allowed you to attempt to take over the galaxy as any one of the factions from Star Wars history (up until that point, at least). It was so much fun and required actual planning, otherwise you’d find yourself losing extremely quickly. 


Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith (PS2)

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith might seem to just be another movie tie-in game, but it’s actually much weirder and cooler than that. The game takes great pains to let you play through parts of Revenge Of The Sith that the movie doesn’t show you, like Anakin’s full siege on the Jedi temple, plus it manages to have two different storylines running concurrently.

You can play as both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and wonderfully, if you play as Anakin Skywalker, you get a completely different ending in which Anakin defeats Obi-Wan, kills the Emperor and takes over as the ruler of the entire galaxy. It’s just a wild moment, and something that fuels the "but what if" in me. 


Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

There’s a reason Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is so celebrated and is getting a remake. It’s a brilliantly deep RPG that not only allows you to make choices that affect your entire playthrough, you can choose if you want to actually even wield a lightsaber in the first place or not, and you meet incredible characters in a story that gets you deeply engaged before it absolutely rips your heart out with twist after twist. While it may be quite weird to go back to in 2022, with certain systems not having aged too well, it’s worth it once you get into the game.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Title Screen

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The most recently released game on this list, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga takes the original charm of the first two Lego Star Wars titles, modifies it for a modern age, and then absolutely blows your mind. It has all nine movies lovingly rendered in LEGO form, with space battles galore, beautiful vistas, and huge worlds to discover from all corners of the Star Wars universe. Not only that, but there’s even side quests that’ll unlock new things to mess around with. Side quests! In a LEGO Star Wars game! It’s just brilliantly immersive.

The Best Star Wars Tabletop Games

Hello there! I’m Giaco Furino, the Tabletop Editor here at TechRaptor, chiming in with our picks for the best Star Wars tabletop games to play. All the games listed here bring at least some aspect of the films to the table in an exciting, visceral way. So let’s dive in!


Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars: Legion may be my favorite game on this list. It’s a miniature wargame like Warhammer, where you assemble, paint, and field troops in large battles. The game currently supports four different factions you can build an army under: There’s the Galactic Empire, with Darth Vader and his hordes of Stormtroopers; the Rebel Alliance led by Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and tons of troopers; the Separatist Alliance with Count Dooku and his droid army; and the Galactic Republic led by Obi-Wan and his Clone Troopers. The game is well designed and well balanced, and new units are constantly being released.

Want to play out a full-scale war between Vader and his Death Troopers vs. Kenobi and his Phase II Clone Troopers? This is your chance. I love the attention to detail in this game and the way units only seen for a moment on screen get the full Legion treatment.

To learn more about Star Wars: Legion, check out our review of the core set, our review of the Clone Wars starter set, and our coverage of a few key releases.


Star Wars: X-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing takes all the thrill of the series’ intense interstellar dogfights and translates that onto the tabletop to thrilling effect. In X-Wing, each player controls a force of light starcraft, like the titular X-Wings, TIE Fighters, A-Wings, and more, and players take turns maneuvering their ships on the board. What really makes the combat in this game shine is the use of custom movement templates, which both players select from in secret and then reveal at the same time. This results in air combat in which you truly can’t guess where your opponent will be at any given moment.

With tons of ship models released all the time and loads of customization available, you can quickly build out a potent little battle fleet.To learn more about Star Wars: X-Wing, check out our review of the 2nd edition starter set here.


Star Wars: Destiny

Though no longer in print or supported by Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars: Destiny has always been one of my favorite Star Wars tabletop games. In it, you build a force of fighters either on the Light or Dark side of the Force using a series of big, bright, colorful dice and cards.

Purchased via starter boxes and through blind-box expansions, this easy-to-grasp dice game always scratched that trading-card game booster pack itch for me. In the game, you’ll amass heroes or villains to your cause, roll dice to activate their special actions, and gain resources, deal damage, and generally try to outsmart your opponent. I love the collectible aspect of Destiny, and because it (sadly) never really took off the way it should have, you can still purchase plenty of product from retailers all around the world at an affordable price (even though it’s out of print).

To learn more about Star Wars: Destiny, check out our introduction to the game here.


Star Wars: Epic Duels

Time to dust off the cobwebs and dive into Star Wars: Epic Duels, a long out-of-print game from Milton Bradley. Originally published in 2002 and designed by legendary board game designers Rob Daviou and Craig Van Ness, Star Wars: Epic Duels was a fun, quick, and easy-to-jump-into miniature battle game featuring all the greatest heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe.

Though the models all looked a little shaky (this was a mass-market 2002 board game, after all), the gameplay was so good that the core mechanics were resurrected and reimplemented in Restoration Games’ Unmatched Game System. If you find a copy buried in your local thrift store, grab it!


Star Wars: Fantasy Flight RPGs

It seems like everyone in the world has an opinion on their favorite Star Wars tabletop roleplaying game system, from the crunchiness of the original West End Games system to Wizards of the Coast’s turn at the franchise. But for my money, the best, most fun, most thematic system is Fantasy Flight’s line of tabletop RPGs. What’s so brilliant here is the way they solve the classic problem of "the Jedi and Sith are overpowered" inherent in all Star Wars RPGs. For their line of games, they’ve divided things up into three main game systems: There’s Edge of the Empire, which focuses on gaming in the Outer Rim and the smugglers, pirates, and bounty hunters therein.

Next up is Age of Rebellion, which focuses on the fights and skirmishes taking place in the galaxy during the fight against the Empire in the original trilogy. And finally there’s Force and Destiny, a high-powered, Jedi- and Sith-focused game setting dedicated to letting the Force lightning fly. With so much to choose from, building the tabletop Star Wars RPG experience that’s right for your table and their tastes has never been easier.

Star Wars: Legion

There's our list of the best Star Wars games you can play right now -- we hope you've enjoyed the plethora of Star Wars games we've been given over the years, and sound off on your favorite(s) in the comments below!

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