Star Wars: Open World is an Impressive Fallout: New Vegas Mod

A shot from the Star Wars Open Worlds mod for Fallout New Vegas

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Star Wars: Open World is an Impressive Fallout: New Vegas Mod

July 9, 2021

By: Brian Renadette

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Bethesda Softworks
PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date
October 22, 2010
Action, RPG
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An ambitious total conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas has just released a new video showcasing their graphical progress. Known as Star Wars Open Worlds, the mod is looking to bring the famous sci-fi universe to the world of Fallout.

Developed by Tank_Girl444 with Karim Najib as designer and mentor, Star World Open Worlds is a total conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas that puts players in the role of a slave who joins up with a small crew planning to escape captivity. Meanwhile, the newly-founded Galactic Empire is pushing for supremacy, and players will be forced to engage in a choice-driven story that will take them across twelve different planets in the Star Wars universe. In addition to a sandbox mode, the story has three paths depending on whether the player is more of a Light or Dark side person, as well as the Grey side of the Force.

The three-minute showcase, featuring music by David Tregoning, gives players a good idea of what they can expect visually from Star Wars Open Worlds. We get to see a wide variety of interior exterior environments, as well as the many creatures players can expect to meet and/or fight. Sharp-eyed fans of Star Wars can likely figure out what some of the twelve planets will be featured, such as the icy planet Hoth from Episode V. There's no word on when the mod will be ready for release, but what's been shown has already gotten plenty of praise from fans.

Star Wars Open Worlds does not have a release date yet, but you can follow the project on its page or the Creator's Network Discord. Fallout: New Vegas is available on Steam, GOG, Xbox Live, and PSN.

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