Star Wars Battlefront Gets New Game Mode In Free DLC

Published: November 28, 2015 11:32 AM /



Star Wars Battlefront, the online first person shooter set in -you guessed it- Star Wars universe, will be getting a new game mode as part of the free Battle of Jakku DLC coming December 8 (or December 1 if you pre-ordered the game). This was announced by DICE lead level designer Dennis Brannvall in an article over on IGN. This DLC will add 2 new maps based on the Jakku planet to the game.

The first map is specifically for the new game mode. The new mode is titled 'Turning Point' and will see Imperial players defend a make-shift base on the edge of the map from Rebel players. The Rebel players have to capture points with increasingly less time in order to find the Imperial base for a final stand-off. This game mode seems to only be playable on the new Jakku map. What game modes will work with the second map is as of yet unclear.

Star Wars Battlefront had one of the most played beta weekends ever in October, and saw the light of day last week to critical acclaim and disappointment from the public, with a common criticism being that the game simply does not have enough content in the base game to justify the price EA is asking for it. The game also garnered quite a bit of controversy when EA announced that the season pass would be sold for $50, which is nearly the price of the base game.

Quick Take

The inclusion of a new game mode with the DLC may help a little to alleviate concerns in regards to the game's content lightness, provided it's a well-designed and well-balanced map that gives either side equal chance of victory. We shall find this out soon, although I have my doubts whether one mode will help this game's problem with player retention. 

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