Spiders Reveals The Technomancer Due Out June 21st

Published: April 19, 2016 1:30 PM /


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French developer Spiders Studio has revealed more information on their upcoming action-rpg The Technomancer on the Playstation blog

The Technomancer is a cyberpunk-styled world set on Mars, where the player will fill the shoes of rookie Technomancer Zachariah. Technomancers in the game are cybernetically enhanced humans that have powerful electrical abilities, who often work as soldiers and operatives for corporations. The game will have Zachariah go through a 40 hour adventure along the ruined, oppressed human colonies on Mars, as he battles rival mutants, aliens, and rival Technomancers across the barren, dystopian landscape. 

Much of the reveal of The Technomancer focuses on the game's combat system, which follows a free-form style in the same vein as the Batman titles by Rocksteady Studios. Three different battle stances can be used in the game, each of them corresponding to a different "class" archetype; the staff style focuses on mobility and area damage, the blade and gun style is a high movement style where the player has to control the pace of their attacks, while the mace and shield style is focused on defense, blocking and parrying attacks.


The three styles can be changed freely in the game, and players can level up one or several combat styles as they progress through the 40 hour experience. Players can also use their electrical based attacks with their combat style of choice, offering buffs in attack power or crowd control abilities against large groups of enemies.

The Technomancer also includes in-game companions, weapons and armor crafting and allows players to solve certain sections of the game through multiple paths. One example shown in the official video by Playstation on Youtube above, has the player getting past a guard by either brute force, stealing a passkey, or stealthily breaking into the complex. Spiders notes that such interactions in the game will have up to five different ways to pass through them, and your choice will affect your reputation and your standing with in-game companions and NPCs.

Interactions with NPCs will also affect their abilities and karma towards the player, which can lead to companion characters going against or leaving the group as the story progresses. Spiders also touts how the fate of your companions and the destiny of Mars are in your hands, promising that your actions in-game will matter to the games final plot.

Spiders Studio has been around since 2008, and has worked on an eclectic amount of titles, such as the point and click adventure game Grey Matter and Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper. Spiders has also worked on several RPGs in the past, including Of Orcs and Men and Bound by Flame, as well as another cyberpunk themed RPG, Mars: War Logs, which is also set in The Technomancer universe. 

The Technomancer will be released on June 21st for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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