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Sonic Frontiers Roadmap Comes With Updates That Add Skins and Playable Characters For Free

Published: November 30, 2022 2:56 PM



An adventure is no fun if it's too easy, and the developers of Sonic Frontiers have solidified that with the release of a 2023 roadmap for the game. This roadmap showcases not only new skins and game modes, but new playable characters to race around with. The best part? The updates will be completely free. 

Sonic Frontiers has had a fair share of criticism since its release in 2022, but honestly, it has gotten a lot better feedback than previous Sonic the Hedgehog titles. With that said, a lot of fans just wanted to see what the developers of the game had in store for them in terms of newer content, since some fans felt the game was lacking in the originality department. One of the main points of praise among the critics was the fact that this was the first ever open-worldish type of Sonic game, and many believe it was executed quite well. True Sonic-Heads were waiting for new content to be added, and surely this new roadmap won't disappoint. 


The roadmap that was released via the @sonic_hedgehog Twitter account shows off some pretty cool new features for fans to prepare for, including the implementation of new playable characters. From the screenshot, it appears Knuckles, Tails, and Amy will be making their debuts at some point during the updates, which is exciting in itself. But, we are unsure whether or not they will be playable characters or just tie into the new story headed to the game. 

Sonic Frontiers Roadmap Screenshot via Twitter

Though the roadmap doesn't come with any specific release dates for each of the updates, one can assume that the second update will be coming to the masses during the anniversary of the franchise. This is just listed as "Sonic's Birthday" on the roadmap, which would put it around June 23rd. Again, this is just speculation based on the title of one of the updates and has yet to be confirmed by the Sonic Frontiers team.


Update One will come with a new photo mode, jukebox, and new challenge modes according to the roadmap, but there really isn't any information released on what these new modes may be. Update Two brings Sonic's birthday, an open zone challenge, and new coco. Lastly, update three will bring us additional playable characters to explore the open world with as well as new story updates.

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