Free Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC Revealed

Published: October 11, 2022 10:20 AM /


Sonic sprinting through Frontiers' open world, which he could be doing in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC.

Sonic Frontiers is just around the corner, and to celebrate its impending release on November 8th, Sega and Capcom have announced some Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC. It'll be available on November 14th and will be free of charge, giving you access to two costumes and a meat grilling minigame where Sonic will hopefully be able to cook up some of his favorite chili dogs. I mean, what else would Sonic want to eat, right?

The costumes will include two kinds of Rathalos armor: one that fully encases the blue blur in the iconic armor set, and a second that frees up his face and lower body so you can see his sneakers. These two costumes should add a bit of flavor to the game as you explore the open world that Sonic Frontiers has to offer.

Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC showing the two costumes that you can get.
These are the two costumes you can get in the Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the free Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter DLC is the meat grilling minigame, which is inspired by Monster Hunter. The minigame can be used to help Sonic power up and will taunt you with images of delicious food that's cooking over an open fire. Will you be able to cook chili dogs? It's a Sonic game so you'd hope so.

As for other interesting things you can expect from Sonic Frontiers, the involvement of everyone's favorite giant feline Big the Cat has been confirmed, and you know what that means: more fishing. The fan favorite feline will help Sonic out as the blue hedgehog attempts to save the world after falling through a mysterious wormhole alongside his friends. Other confirmed characters include Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, and Miles "Tails" Prower, so if you're a big Sonic fan, you've got plenty of familiar faces to look forward to.

For more information on Sonic Frontiers and other potential collaborative DLC's, stay tuned to TechRaptor.


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