Rambo: The Video Game Gets DLC Expansion For Some Reason

Published: April 19, 2016 12:07 AM /


Rambo - The Video Game

Rambo: The Video Game first released to stores in February of 2014. The rail shooter was initially received poorly, with critics disparaging its high price point, its simplistic gameplay, and its bizarre graphics style. Our own reviewer gave the game a 3/10, citing many of those same criticisms. Time passed and Rambo's time in the sun was brief, as it is with most games nowadays. Those that didn't move on immediately spend their days begging for light gun support in the game's Steam forums, and the game has gotten some kind of following now that the price dropped to a more reasonable $13. Fast forward to today, and Reef Entertainment has announced that Rambo will be getting its first significant mission DLC, more than two years after its initial release.


Owners of the PlayStation 3 and Steam versions of Rambo: The Video Game will be able to enjoy the Baker Team expansion free of charge. This three mission campaign takes Rambo along with three other soldiers to the wilds of Vietnam in an original Rambo tale created solely for the video game. This expansion will also net players five new weapons to, as the press release so eloquently puts it, "get your Rambo hands on". There was no announcement regarding the Xbox 360 version of the game getting the new content.

Quick Take

I'm of two minds on this. On the one hand, I applaud the developers and publishers for continuing to support a legacy release with new content. It's something that should be more common in the industry. On the other hand, with all the games coming out right now, why would anyone in their right mind go back to Rambo: The Video Game to play three new missions? Reef Entertainment hasn't exactly been prolific in the years since the game's release, but there has to be SOMETHING better to be working on right? What a bizarre thing.

Are you ready to dive back into Rambo: The Video Game? What other games from 2014 do you wish made a comeback in the form of tiny DLC expansions? Answer these questions and more in the comments below!

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