PS Plus Classic Games Info Trickling Out From Asia

New PlayStation Plus details are trickling out from Asia, including two new PS Plus Classic titles and some new Classics features we can expect

Published: May 23, 2022 10:07 AM /


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The PlayStation Plus revamp is due to launch in Asia later today, and new details have been trickling through from the region since earlier today. They include two new PS Plus Classic games, as well as a couple of neat new features we didn't already know about.

What new details do we have about the PS Plus Classic games lineup?

Back in April, Sony revealed the launch dates for its upcoming PlayStation Plus revamp. The first region to get the new PS Plus is Asia, and with the launch set for later today, some users have already begun leaking details and info about the new service. Over on ResetEra, gamers are contributing to a massive thread containing leaks and details about PS Plus Classics games, and thanks to that thread, we now know two more games will be coming to the PS Plus Classics lineup: Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Ridge Racer 2. The latter was already leaked along with Tekken 2 and Mr. Driller in late April, but it's good to have confirmation.

As well as these confirmations, we've got some interesting info about how video filters will work. You won't just have one option when it comes to how you want your PS1 Classics to look; there will be three filters, each of which alters the image slightly. The default filter simply displays the game as it normally appears, and you can also add a CRT filter for a more 'authentic' PS1 feel. Finally, there's a "modern" filter that seems to sharpen up the image a little, although as you might imagine, it doesn't completely reinvent the wheel. You'll also have a range of aspect ratio options to allow you to play games in different resolutions, similar to the way the original PS3 emulation worked for PS1 games. Here's a quick glance at the three PS Plus Classics filters when applied to Abe's Oddysee with Abe zoomed in on (although, of course, you'll need to see the game in motion to appreciate the filters fully).

Abe demonstrating the new PS Plus Classic games filters
PS Plus Classics will feature support for video filters, as well as different scaling methods and aspect ratios. Shots courtesy of ResetEra user brokenswiftie.

PSP games, meanwhile, will have their resolutions upscaled so they look a little less pixelated on modern displays. You'll also be able to change the filters on PSP games in a similar fashion to PS1 titles. Naturally, PSP games will also support the quick rewind and quick save functions, so if Sony ever does end up bringing the PSP's Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins to PS Plus, it should be slightly less nightmarish to play. Here's a look at PSP racer Ridge Racer 2, courtesy of ResetEra user Rufy21050, to give you an idea of what PSP games will look like on your PS4 or PS5.

Ridge Racer 2, one of the newly confirmed PS Plus Classics
PSP games will hopefully look lovely and shiny on newer displays thanks to resolution upscaling and filters.

The thread has also uncovered more information about the features available as part of the PS Plus Classic lineup. Sony's initial reveal of its new PS Plus range already confirmed features like visual improvements, and Syphon Filter's Bend Studio also confirmed Classics trophies last week, but now we've got some more details about these features. It looks like not all PS1 games will need to have Trophies, as Abe's Oddysee doesn't seem to have them. PSP games will feature resolution upscaling to make them look a little nicer on your modern TV, and both PS1 and PSP titles will feature quick saving and rewinding, with the ability to upload saves to the cloud also confirmed for these games. That's not all, though. New features we didn't know about include the ability to play PS Plus Classics via remote play, and changing controller glyphs in emulation menus depending on which console you're playing on.

Since the leak comes from Malaysia, we only have Malaysian individual pricing for these games, but each of the currently-announced PS1 Classic titles appears to be purchasable on an individual basis, which is good. Interestingly, PS1 games appear to be priced differently, so it seems publishers will be able to set their own pricing to a degree. Worms Armageddon, for example, costs 39 Malaysian ringgit, which converts to around $9, while Abe's Oddysee costs just 20 ringgit, or about $4. Remember, though, that Sony has confirmed that if you've already bought these games on the PS3 or PSP stores, you'll be able to download them on PS4 or PS5 at no additional cost. We'll likely get more info about this as the service officially launches in Asia.

What is the PlayStation Plus overhaul all about?

Back in March, Sony revealed that it would overhaul its PlayStation Plus service, adding new subscription tiers and new content for gamers who subscribed to those tiers. In addition to the current service (which will now be renamed "Essential"), two additional tiers, Extra and Premium, will be added. Extra will add an Xbox Game Pass-esque catalog of PS4 and PS5 games for you to play, while Premium also adds PS Classic games, as well as the ability to stream the PlayStation Now catalog. You'll no longer be able to subscribe to PlayStation Now individually once the new tier system is introduced, though. It's also worth noting that in Asia (which is where the above info comes from), the Premium tier is being replaced by a Deluxe tier due to a lack of streaming coverage in that region. As such, we're probably not going to get much info on how PS3 games work with the new PS Plus overhaul until early June, when the service launches in Japan.

A banner image for the new PlayStation Plus overhaul
PlayStation Plus is getting a makeover, with lots of new games coming to the service (assuming you cough up the additional subscription fees, of course).

The PS Plus overhaul is due to launch in Asia today, with a Japanese launch set for June 1st. The PS Plus rework is coming to North America on June 13th and Europe will follow on June 22nd. Pricing-wise, you can expect to pay $9.99 monthly for Essential, with that figure increasing to $14.99 for Extra and $17.99 for Premium. There are also yearly equivalents available that give a pretty hefty discount ($59.99, $99.99, and $119.99 respectively). We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it. 

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