PlayStation Plus Revamp Launch Date Announced

Published: April 22, 2022 1:53 PM /


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The PlayStation Plus revamp launch date has been announced for the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Interestingly, Japan won't be the first country to experience the new version of PS Plus.

Late last year, we first heard tell of a PlayStation Plus revamp that would effectively serve as a competitor to Xbox Game Pass. Later reporting said that it would be announced soon, and we finally got the big reveal late last month.


The new version of PlayStation Plus plans to split the service into three tiers/ The "Essential" tier will effectively be the same as PlayStation Plus is today. The "Extra" tier adds a catalog of 400 or so PS4 and PS5 games that can be played for an additional $5/month, and the "Premium" tier adds another 340-ish games, cloud-streaming access for older PlayStation games, and time-limited game trials for a few dollars more.

Unfortunately, we only got a launch window for this upgrade to Sony's subscription service at the time of its announcement. Now, it seems that Sony has hammered out the details -- and one region of the world will be getting access a little earlier than expected.

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    When is the PlayStation Plus Revamp Launch Date?

    The PlayStation Plus revamp launch date depends on the region of the world you live in; here's a list of the dates from today's announcement (via ResetEra):

    • Asia markets (excluding Japan) - targeting May 23, 2022
    • Japan - targeting June 1, 2022
    • Americas - targeting June 13, 2022
    • Europe - targeting June 22, 2022

    Interestingly, non-Japanese Asian markets are getting access to the new version of PlayStation Plus a week earlier than Sony's home company of Japan. It will arrive in the Americas on June 1, 2022, followed by a European release on June 22.

    In addition to the upcoming launch, Sony has also announced an expansion of its cloud streaming service to a bunch of new markets, many of which are in Eastern Europe:


    • Bulgaria
    • Croatia
    • Czech Republic / Czechia
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Malta
    • Poland
    • Republic of Cyprus
    • Romania
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia

    Hopefully, this overhaul will breathe some new life into Sony's game subscription service. You can sign up for PlayStation Plus starting at $9.99 or your regional equivalent.

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