First PlayStation Plus Classics Leaked Ahead of Overhaul

Published: April 28, 2022 11:56 AM /


The PlayStation logo against a backdrop of the three PS1 classics leaked via the PSN backend

The first three PS1 games likely to be included as part of the PlayStation Plus Classics lineup have been leaked via the PSN backend. There's a retro fighting game, a racer, and a quirky puzzler, and more are sure to be added before the service launches in June.

Which PlayStation Plus Classics have been leaked?

Recently, Sony announced it would overhaul its PlayStation Plus service to offer more games at higher subscription tiers. Those games include classics from the PS1 era, and now, it looks like we might know what the first three games in that lineup will be. As Reddit user the_andshrew points out, three games have appeared on the PSN backend, accompanied by cover art. Naturally, these won't be the only PS1 games available on the service, but they give us a good indication of what we can expect when June rolls around.


The three games leaked via the PSN backend for the PlayStation Plus Classics lineup
The first three PlayStation Plus Classics to leak are Tekken 2Mr. Driller, and Ridge Racers 2.

First up, you're getting fighting classic Tekken 2, which introduced iconic characters like Lei Wulong, Bruce, and Roger to the roster. The second PlayStation Plus Classics game to leak is quirky, cutesy puzzler Mr. Driller, and rounding off the lineup is old-school racer Ridge Racers 2. These three are just the first to be announced; the_andshrew says they'll update the table in their Reddit thread as soon as more games are announced in the lineup. Expect to see additional games appearing in that table imminently.

What will the new PlayStation Plus service offer?

The upcoming PlayStation Plus overhaul, which will launch in June, will add two new tiers to PlayStation Plus. The Essential tier will operate in exactly the same way as the current PS Plus subscription; you'll get three games to play per month, as well as exclusive store discounts and the ability to access online multiplayer. There's also an Extra tier, which will give you access to 400 more PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games, and a Premium tier, which adds in cloud streaming courtesy of PlayStation Now (which won't be available as a standalone service after the revamp). It's that final tier in which PlayStation Classics will likely be located.

The logo for the PlayStation Plus service
A PlayStation Plus overhaul is coming, introducing more tiers and more games.

You can subscribe to PlayStation Plus for $9.99 right now (although the additional tiers will be more expensive when the overhaul is introduced). The May lineup of games, which was leaked a couple of days ago, will also be available for download in a few days. It includes FIFA 22Tribes of Midgard, and Curse of the Dead Gods. Three games included as part of the subscription is pretty stingy, especially when Xbox Game Pass exists, so this PS Plus overhaul is much-needed. We'll bring you more on any future PlayStation Plus Classics as soon as we get it.


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