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Biomutant Psi-Point guide

Biomutant throws you into a huge world full of danger and wonder. Thankfully, you're armed with a range of weapons and mutations. Some of these mutations manifest as psionic powers that need points and morality to develop. There are plenty of ways to build up both.
Biomutant begins...

Biomutant Review

There is no shortage of post-apocalyptic games out there, but most of them have you playing as garden variety humans. If you want to step into the shoes of a bipedal fuzzy warrior the size of a big dog, then Biomutant delivers.
PS4, Xbox One, PS5 UI

PS4 & Xbox One Games Aren't Going Away Any Time Soon

The focus on backwards compatibility could lead to developers taking advantage of the PS4 and Xbox One hardware deep into the next generation.
The new PlayStation VR controller in use

Sony Reveals Next-Gen PlayStation VR Controller

Sony has unveiled a brand-new PlayStation VR controller for use with its next-gen headset. It'll have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.
The player character in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order onlooking enemies by a set of stairs

Next-Gen: The Backwards-Compatibility Anomaly

The PlayStation 5 has beat out Series X in many multiplatform comparisons to varying degrees. Last-gen games, however, showcase a major role reversal with Series X offering a more tangible advantage.
The Denuvo logo superimposed on a PS5

Denuvo Anti-Cheat Now Available To PS5 Developers And Publishers

Denuvo Anti-Cheat technology is now available for developers and publishers to use on PS5 as middleware. The software is meant to stop hackers and cheaters.
PS3 PS5 Exclusives

PS3 Exclusives That Need to Come to the PS5

With the PlayStation 5 lacking backwards compatibility with pre-PS4 consoles, now could be the perfect time to re-release some of these PS3 exclusive titles
The logo for the PlayStation Plus Collection

Sao Paulo Court Rules Sony Can't Block PS5 Consoles Over PS Plus Collection Sale


The Court of Justice of Sao Paulo has ruled that Sony must unlock PlayStation 5 consoles it locked over the sale of PlayStation Plus Collection-eligible accounts.

A mid shot of Sony's new PlayStation 5 console

No More PS5s Are Getting Shipped To Australia This Year


Sony has confirmed it won't be restocking the PlayStation 5 in Australia this Christmas. Instead, Aussies will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on a PS5 if they haven't already.


PS4 Games Don't Run at 120 fps on PS5 Because They Require a Port


As reported by Eurogamer, the reason that PlayStation 5 users are 'unlikely' to see many PlayStation 4 games running at 120 fps is that they require a native port.