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PS3 PS5 Exclusives

PS3 Exclusives That Need to Come to the PS5

With the PlayStation 5 lacking backwards compatibility with pre-PS4 consoles, now could be the perfect time to re-release some of these PS3 exclusive titles
The logo for the PlayStation Plus Collection

Sao Paulo Court Rules Sony Can't Block PS5 Consoles Over PS Plus Collection Sale


The Court of Justice of Sao Paulo has ruled that Sony must unlock PlayStation 5 consoles it locked over the sale of PlayStation Plus Collection-eligible accounts.

A mid shot of Sony's new PlayStation 5 console

No More PS5s Are Getting Shipped To Australia This Year


Sony has confirmed it won't be restocking the PlayStation 5 in Australia this Christmas. Instead, Aussies will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on a PS5 if they haven't already.


PS4 Games Don't Run at 120 fps on PS5 Because They Require a Port


As reported by Eurogamer, the reason that PlayStation 5 users are 'unlikely' to see many PlayStation 4 games running at 120 fps is that they require a native port.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate, one of the games Ubisoft has confirmed will not be playable on PS5

[Updated] Ubisoft Pulls List of PS4 Games That Can't be Played on PS5


Update October 31, 11:30 AM: Ubisoft has responded to our inquiry, and also taken down the Blog Post on the Ubisoft Connect website that listed the Ubisoft PS4 Games not working on PS5.

A frontal shot of the PS5 DualSense controller

Sony Reveals More Details About PS5 Accessibility Settings


Sony has revealed some more information about accessibility options that will be available on the PS5.

The two PS5 models - disc and digital editions

Some PS5 Trophies Will Give You Digital Rewards


Obtaining some PS5 trophies will grant access to certain digital rewards as PS5 trophy rewards. These include profile avatars and banners.

Promotional artwork depicting an alien landscape in Destiny 2

Next-Gen Destiny 2 Launches November 10th, Optimizations Coming December 8th


Bungie has revealed how next-gen and cross-gen play will work in Destiny 2.


PlayStation 5 Backwards Connectivity Info Revealed


The PlayStation 5 has a lot of unanswered questions surrounding it, and today most circling around backwards compatibility have been answered.

The Shellsnapper robot in Horizon Forbidden West, revealed by a comic book cover

New Horizon Forbidden West Machine, Shellsnapper, Debuts In Comic


One of Horizon Forbidden West's new machines has been revealed by a Horizon Zero Dawn comic book.